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The Tree of Knowledge was bad enough…

Posted by lahar9jhadav on November 17, 2010

Clipboard03 I met a member of one of these ‘Families of the Secret’. She was a musician with a day job as genetic engineer. I met her in the middle of nowhere, whilst camping looking for big skies and amazing scenery.  She was perfectly normal in every way, except that she had an intelligence that was truly stunning.  One night over the ‘camping area’ we shared, we saw some very strange ‘objects’… large white spherical ‘lights’ moving around and then zooming off at ridiculous speeds, leaving after images.  We were having a joint, and talking about the strange phenomenon…me about seeing them before and then this lady told me part of her story.  I thought, of course, that she was having me on…but the look in her face, the tone of her voice…and then as if she suddenly realized that she should not be saying what she was saying, she got up very quickly and started to walk off, without a word.  I ran after her, and gently grabbed her arm and suddenly I swooned.  My whole body, in a flash, just sort of went to ‘jelly’ and my knees were definitely giving way. I stopped, stock still – she kept walking quickly away.  I sat on the ground.  Then my ‘mind’ went wobbly too – a real sense of panicky, paranoia set in.  I was doing all that I could to keep ‘it together’. I needed to get back to my  van, close the door and calm down. Which I did.


The next day, I got up and felt really, really odd about all that had occurred the night before – the lights in the sky, theClipboard08 bizarre conversation and then my near collapse.  I went outside, and kept my head down just getting a hot drink organised and some food to eat.  I tried to see if the woman’s tent and car were there without it being obvious and it was. I didn’t know if that was a good sign or not.  I was actually pretty scared of her, or something like that.  Later, when I came back from a short hike, I caught a glimpse of the woman and she of me – I smiled and waved and so did she…a genuine smile.  I went on to my camp site, and as I was taking my backpack off she came over.  She said straight out that she was sorry about last night…and I asked her what happened, sort of rhetorically not expecting an answer to what I had experienced, but she answered me without missing a beat, “I projected a blue force-field around myself”.  Above my head suddenly a quiet voice began talking to me…it was saying some very interesting stuff…the woman in front of me was also talking but not as interesting as the other voice…then my body began to shake, literally, from top to toe like a leaf in a fluttering breeze.  It was a hell of a lot to deal with, but funnily enough I was feeling pretty good…but I did have to sit down and so did she and we talked, all three? of us, for hours – after a while without using our mouths and voice boxes, which I found particularly peculiar.

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