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But of the Tree of Life Thou Shall Not Eat

Posted by lahar9jhadav on November 17, 2010

Clipboard04 Imagine if ‘something’ needed to be done – let’s say for the sake of ‘humanity’- but this something would take 150 to 200  years. Let’s say the ‘something-that-needed-to-be-done’ was concerned with..er…a planetary or climatic event of a nasty nature…let’s say this nastiness would manifest itself through killing, oh… I don’t know…let’s say 80% of the Earth’s population sort of like instantaneously, and then the rest (slightly more slowly) unless they were prepared, ie. that’s the thing that needs to be done.  Oh, and the preparation is only going to ‘save’ several million.

If you were a government and you told this to ‘your people’ – “You and your generations will from now on be working like dogs for the next 100 years so that a few, and definitely not anyone from your family etc., will survive a coming planetary ‘perturbation’” – there would be the great likelihood that a largish proportion of ‘your people’ would tell you to go “***** yourself”, and even work against your plans, your preparations… there would probably be even international conflict over it all.

Chances are that you would keep your mouth shut, wrap the whole ‘scheme’ in secrecy and pretend like nothing ever happened or was going to happen.  Now, because this ‘thing’ is going to take a long time to accomplish – generations will be born and die, presidents, prime ministers etc., will come and go like…you are going to have to set your scheme up so that you will never have to go through ‘normal channels’ for as long as it takes…you are going to have to be able to keep these presidents and prime ministers and all their minions out of the loop because if you don’t someone will talk…No there is no possibility that this scheme will work if it has anything to do with the government mainstream.  You are going to need the governments money sure, and bucket-loads of it, mountains of it…and you will need their defence systems to protect your Secret, and the technology that you will need to develop, and you will need it’s scientists and engineers etc.

What you are going to set up is something like an Esoteric Royal Bloodline with Fanatical Religious Overtones. Remember, the thing is going to take several generations to complete…who better to trust than your own family and their offspring. You could educate them from birth with the correct set of Ideals and Values and the whole thing could be perpetuated through the bloodline.


Let’s go back to the beginning. How did the information concerning the future event come into the hands of the Founders? Let’s say that it came through ‘supernatural means’, but in such an evidentiary and radical way that those who are ‘privy’ to the history of the initial event are entirely convinced of It’s truth.  Maybe there’s an artefact of great significance, maybe there is ongoing communication with the ‘supernatural source’, maybe the super-natural source provides technological assistance ongoing. Oh, and maybe at the beginning, those who were at the centre of the super-secret event brought in others like the Global Elite (of the time) to get things going.

So, we have this Secret Cabal Bloodline in existence for 150-200 years…way ahead of the game on every level – Psychological, Political, Technological, Financial. They are so well organised that they could even, at the drop of a hat, organise for one of their ‘members’ to become mmm… let’s say a President, or a Prime Minister. But of course there would always be members of ‘The Families of the Secret’ right at the top of the political tree, for example, at any given time.

So, this whole thing started out as an attempt to ‘save mankind’ or ‘civilization’… but over the generations it has evolved, or devolved, into saving the Families of the Secret. Over the years because of their perspective they have come to realize that ‘humanity’ is not worth saving except as a vessel to carry genes, and as a workforce for the elite.  They have seen the mob mentality play out over and over again…seen how easily lead the mass of humanity is…how basically stupid they are. They have seen how democracy is nothing more than a circus controlled by those with Wealth and Power.  Clipboard04b

They have, due to their perspective and ‘insularity’, seen the truth shall we say…they view humanity in the whole the same way that they view the politicians and others who have come and gone and who have raised their heads above the parapet for their particular moment of ‘success’ or ‘fame’ or ‘bit of power’…they know that these ‘upstarts’ are corrupt and violent and ignorant and vanish as soon as they arrive. If they chose to, they could squash the upstarts like a louse with hardly any effort. At any rate, their prime cause has become instead of ‘saving humanity’, saving themselves and hopefully in the process getting rid of most of the rabble.  It’s not murder, it is merely letting nature takes it’s course…survival of the fittest.

And let’s not forget that these highly evolved people are ‘spritual’ too – probably some of the most ‘spiritual’ people on the planet…they have spent decades studying the ‘scriptures’, the Esoteric philosophies, all the various systems of development such as Yoga, Zen etc.

There is one thing missing, however: they are not truly immortal. Yes, sure! they are immortal when compared to the ‘masses’, they reincarnate into the same ‘Families of the Secret’ it is true…but that is not Immortality in the full sense. But if what they believe comes about, if what they have prepared for eventuates, there will be plenty of time for them, at least, to work on it.

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