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Posted by lahar9jhadav on December 16, 2010

arbib again


Wikileaks has provided some background to the Coup which ousted Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Just like the Coup which destroyed the Whitlam Government in 1973, there was collusion between various Australian politicians and officials and the US administration and it’s ‘diplomatic staff’, also known as Spies.

75px-Kevin_Rudd_DOS_cropped Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (pictured) had become a thorn in the side of the US administration due to his independence and intelligence.  He became a thorn in the side of various Australian politicians because they wanted his Job.

Thus the two ‘sides’ came together.

In the case of the Kevin Rudd coup, what made it even more disturbing was that he ‘worked over’ by his own party members… so instead of the whole Government going down, only Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was ‘executed’.

Thus, Australians now have a Government which betrayed their own political process and sold themselves to  other national interests. It’s Treason, pure and simple.  Mark Arbib, Julia Gillard, Bob McMullan, federal MP Michael Danby, and various Union Officials (and others) are all culpable and tainted with the blood of the brutalised Australian Democracy.

We can also see the collusion of the ‘new’ Australian government and it’s lack of independence from the U.S. through it’s public statements concerning WikiLeaks and Julian Assange – an Australian Citizen. Prime Minister Julia Gillard (coup leader) publicly criminalised Assange, when frothing at the mouth and walking over Australian legal processes and justice, she denounced him as a criminal. howard

Only Kevin Rudd, now Australian Foreign Affairs Minister, was able to be independent and to place Australia’s interests first when he said that Assange had committed no crime and further that it was the responsibility of the U.S., and not Assange, for the security breach which lead to the publishing of the cables.

We now have another scenario where an Australian citizen will not get justice from his own Government due to pressure from the U.S. administration….just like David Hicks under John Howard’s (pictured right) regime.

The U.S. has a lot of bases in Australia – with the most advanced spying technology on the planet. It’s obvious that they use it on their host, Australia…and no doubt they have a continual intercept on the Australian Parliament and it’s politicians…and probably everyone else in the country.  The U.S. have infiltrated the Australian Labor Party, the Australian Liberal Party and it’s also obvious that they have infiltrated the Australian Federal Police and ASIO (Australia’s spy agency). They are everywhere, like a cancer and Australia does it bidding like the panting Lap Dog it is. You could say that they are all in fact just parts of the One Organism.





Australian’s went to war in Iraq because of treasonous collusion with the U.S.A.

Australian’s went to war in Afghanistan because of treasonous collusion with the U.S.A.

Australian’s went to war in Vietnam because of treasonous collusion with the U.S.A. (see the Pentagon Papers).

Australia has been behind (“All the way with LBJ” said Prime Minister Menzies in the ‘60s) every single U.S. foreign illegal and immoral action in the last fifty years.

Oh! except Gough Whitlam’s government…but then they were quickly gotten rid of weren’t they?


“US forces give the nod
It’s a setback for your country
Bombs and trenches all in rows
Bombs and threats still ask for more…

“Will you know it when you see it
High risk children dogs of war
Now market movements call the shots
Business deals in parking lots
Waiting for the meat of tomorrow”

so sang Peter Garrett (pictured left) of the Australian rock band, Midnight Oil.

He was a politician in the Rudd government and now he’s a politician in the ‘new coup government’ of Julia Gillard.

Ask him any question and immediately, EXACTLY like a PUPPET, he will say whatever the Script of his ‘bosses’ (the Party) requires him to.  He has been a constant source of humiliation to the Australian people, due to his obvious hypocrisy and failures in delivering ANYTHING.

This is what Australians have to deal with…Politicians who have no real ‘Self’, they are just automatons driven only by their personal goals of: money, power, fame and general self aggrandizement. The usual machinery of the post modern psyche.

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