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William Pawelec-Witness Testimony (or another marketing ploy from Steven Greer)

Posted by lahar9jhadav on February 28, 2011

A video – originally from UFO DISCLOSURE dot blah blah – with the ‘testimony’ of William Pawelec has been hot-linked all over the internet since it’s release.  It had added ‘saleability’ because the video-testimony was only to be released after the death of William Pawelec. It was recorded in 2000. This automatically implies that the ‘testimony’ includes something ‘hot’ if not ‘smoking’.  So I checked it out. William Pawelec

I was disappointed – and disappointment seems to be the general ‘descriptor’ of everything emanating from UFO DISCLOSURE PROJECT.

The so called Video Testimony by William Pawelec contains one extremely short account of a sighting of a UFO by Pawelec in the early seventies.  He gives no details of the sighting whatsoever except to say that everything went quiet when it happened and it was in the sky.  The rest of the ‘witness testimony’ concerns a series of loosely connected dots which have been idiosyncratically joined together by Pawelec to create his ‘conspiracy theory’ – which basically stated says, there is a bunch of secret ‘cabals’ –sometimes working together sometimes not – who have unlimited funds and technology and are bent on controlling the world.  He doesn’t have any real evidence for his claims, and he doesn’t seem to have any personal witnessing which corroborates his theory in any concrete way.

AT Exposure dot com the video is ‘painted’ as a military insiders whistle-blowing – but it isn’t – Pawelec was in the military for a couple of  years in the late sixties (where he spent a “lovely year in Vietnam”) and his ‘witnessing’ has nothing to do with that part of his story.

Oh yeah – and who gives a rat’s arse about so called ‘military insiders’ anyway? Why is their testimony any more valid than anyone else?  My view has always been that they are the MOST UNRELIABLE witnesses because,

1. They are highly suggestible – otherwise they wouldn’t be in the ‘military’.

2. Have twisted world views based on their indoctrination by their employees.

3. They are trained not to think for themselves and take orders, ‘no matter what’.


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