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They’re all mad mad mad

Posted by lahar9jhadav on February 16, 2011


Disclosure Project ‘Star’, Dr. Steven Greer has turned into your average modern day deluded follower of ‘spirits’/channelers, just like so many others over the last few decades.  I am constantly getting emails about his latest ‘Workshop’ where he offers to ‘teach’ me how to contact Aliens and become an Intergalactic Ambassador.  I used to get exactly the same material a decade or so ago from another bunch of nutters… always making predictions of imminent landings, ascensions and so forth.  Greer has become so exactly the ‘template’ of ‘your average modern day deluded follower of ‘spirits’/channelers’ that I have wondered whether he has been ‘programmed’ by someone…he would have made the perfect target, easily offering a cost-benefit balance.  Then again, mixing with all those UFO nutters is bound to rub off.  Greer made the fatal mistake of combining ‘sources’ like Radar Operators with seriously deluded and/or deceptive people like fantasist Stan Deyo.  Then there’s his early association with the Transcendental Meditation College in Ohio in the seventies – there the one’s who think jumping up and down on your bum is ‘levitation’ – perhaps it’s there where he learnt that it doesn’t matter whether anything is ‘true’ so long as people believe you and it makes them feel ‘better’ about themselves.

When one experiences a genuine UFO experience, with all it’s reflections and refractions, one is left between two stools, so to speak….the old comfy chair has been removed forever, and one is now standing looking for a new seat to plonk one’s belief system down on… it is at this stage that the ‘experiencer’ desperately begins to seek for answers, and there is so much shit out there that he/she will be deluged by ‘experts’ who, funnily enough, are not very diverse and therefore, if not prepared, the ‘experiencer’ falls into the T.R.A.P.  see Steven Greer’s advertisements for his latest Workshop for a detailed example of what the Trap is.

The whole ‘world’ of UFO research is full to the brim with either the:

a) deluded,




d) all of the above


And then there’s the ABDUCTED. 

It’s obvious, is it not, that someone is ‘lying’ about their experiences-otherwise the skies would be full of ‘spaceships’ clanging into another, with such a din that no-one would be able to sleep at night anymore. That is to say, that the reported frequency of Abductions has become so numerous that these reports are themselves the greatest evidence against their reality.  Perhaps, just perhaps, Barney and Betty Hill’s experiences can be examined with some clarity due to the fact that they experienced in a vacuum – without the possibility of contagion, at least.  However, at a certain point in the early seventies it is obvious that the contagion had spread so deeply into the American and later the World psyche that ‘real research’ was precluded.  Jung was right – UFO’s might be real, but the human psyche was so susceptible that it would create mass-delusion evolving into a general Archetype affecting humanity as a whole. Thus we have a h-u-g-e proportion of the American population who have been abducted by Grey Aliens.  It is ridiculous. 


And the RESEARCHERS- those who prey on others who have had genuine experiences.  Like Vampyres, UFO researches actively seek out those who have had ‘experiences’ of a UFOlogical nature, or worse, seek out those who can be manipulated into believing that they have had experiences through hypnosis.  See Bud Hopkins or James Webb for two sides of the same coin.

And I don’t see any difference between Allan J. Heyneck when he was paid by the US government to debunk every UFO sighting, or Allan J. Heyneck when he was paid by UFO enthusiasts to confirm UFO sightings. Or for that matter people like Jaques Vallee (who worked with Hyneck when he was chief clown for the American government UFO program) – with his ridiculous series of books and his particular penchant for seeing himself as Top of the Pile.  His ‘research’ and his books are so full of holes and conjecture and diatribe that they are as useless as all the others of the modern era.  What a joke.


And here’s me, an actual ‘believer’ in the reality of the ‘UFO’ and off-planet beings- and theircharles fort ‘goodness’.

There is one book, and only one, that is of any useTHE BOOK OF THE DAMNED, because it shows that something weird has been going on for a long time and chronicles thousands of ‘events’.  It also has something important to say about why ‘we’ can’t seem to ever figure it out. And it was the first –published in 1919!!!  All the UFO books since then have just been a rehash of Fort’s original masterpiece, of course with the added excrement of the various author’s ‘theories’.


Oh yeah – the MATRIX movie series was a load of crap no matter how much the script writers think it was a philosophical treatise…see, there’s no end to the delusions we can have about ourselves.


And what is it with Robert De Nero – i mean the guy can’t act, can he?

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