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The Real Thing

Posted by irisheaven on March 2, 2011

UFO 2 The wonderful thing about the old time ‘ufo contactees’, and the genuine modern ones, is that they deliberately kept/keep certain elements of their encounters secret.  George Adamski, for example, never used the real name of his Contact and never described his appearance exactly – in fact he publicly stated that there was something about the face, though within the realms of human appearance, that nevertheless stood out like a sore thumb and so he would not publicise it- he alluded to the eyes (but then maybe that was disinformation – perhaps it was the nose, or mouth etc). That they put out a lot of ‘disinformation’ was part and parcel of their objective, which was to introduce and keep the subject ‘alive’ whilst giving cognitive space (and dissonance) for genuine contact to be made by those who followed them.  The old saying, “Your disbelief draws you near to me” is cogent.  The real ‘seeker’ already is ‘magnetised’, so to speak, but with the addition of the ‘yes’ ‘no’ factor – inner friction – a certain ‘state’ can be achieved which makes ‘contact’ possible.  Like everything else which is worthwhile a great deal of personal effort, in a particular certain direction, is required to achieve one’s aim.

Once the aim is achieved then one knows directly, through personal experience: the Facts.  It is like a secret handshake – those who Know can recognise each other.  And those who Know can discern those who do not. 

Therefore, in a way, it doesn’t really matter if there are players who make a big noise with no real knowledge (or even who are purposely deceptive) in the market place.  They at least keep the ‘story’ alive.  It is unfortunate perhaps, that those without a developed ‘magnetic impulse’ as mentioned above, are drawn into the vortex of these various charlatans and idiots and possibly get lost…but there is always ‘a voice in the wilderness’ which can be heard and which points to the ‘naked emporers’.  There is always a separation of the ‘wheat from the chaff’.  Thus, for example, a simple web-search of “Steven Greer” will provide opinions counter to his own publicity. It’s easy. What one does with that information is a personal choice.

Anyway the fact is that nothing personally real will be found or developed if one looks in the usual places – ufo websites, ufo books etc – the ‘keys’ are never near the ‘doors’.  The most interesting, and useful information that can be found are not in the shelves marked UFO.  And the ‘field’ of UFO contact, so called, is not out there but ‘in here’.  Know Thyself, as they say.




One Response to “The Real Thing”

  1. That maybe so…but is it really necessary to generate so much ‘fog’ over the subject? At this stage I think it would be better to have complete silence rather than mere noise everywhere.

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