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Nick Redfern: FINAL EVENTS

Posted by lahar9jhadav on March 23, 2011

nick redfern Dear Nick,

Just because it’s easy to find a bunch of nutters in the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX who are willing to talk openly about their phantasies, doesn’t mean it’s worth writing about.

a better photo…

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern

Crikey!! When I found the above pic I thought it was a whimsical  ‘spoof’ by Redfern…but NO! It is in fact a real title.


and about Fish…

Jeremy Wade again
Jeremy Wade on Fish

that’s a REAL FISH by the way… and he actually caught it. On ya Jeremy, you’re my hero.



6 Responses to “Nick Redfern: FINAL EVENTS”

  1. You’re talking total bollocks. Of course it’s worth talking about. When you have a group of people like these – totally driven by unprovable beliefs in a God that no-one can prove exists, who are being funded and are influencing powerful people – it needs exposing.

    • That’s like saying it’s important to expose the fact that the ocean has fish in it.

      ‘Blue Steel’-from the film Zoolander.

      • Complete crap. Fish don’t harm anyone (aside from the other fish they eat, but that’s nature). The Collins Elite think-tank has infected the minds of many within officialdom, and they have dangerous agendas, and even more dangerous beliefs bordering upon relgious fascism.

      • And further to clarify: if the Collins Elite want to believe that UFOs have demonic origins, then that is their choice. There are more than a few people in the UFO research community who believe this too. My view is that this is far too simplistic a view, and one borne out of their religious beliefs. And holding those beliefs does no harm, providing one does not force those views on anyone else, or try to use those views to affect the lives of others. But, it’s when people choose to act on those beliefs (as the Collins Elite have and are), that actions need to be taken. The Collins Elite believe that Government should be religion-dominated to the ultimate extent. They believe that the soldiers in the Middle East should be viewed not as soldiers fighting a war, but as religious crusaders fighting the beginning of the final battle between good and evil. These people are crazed, crazed loons who actually believe that knowledge in the hands of the populace is a dangerous thing. That, collectively, is why they need exposing. The only thing they might have in common with what swims in the sea, is a man-eating shark.

  2. And what the fuck’s a blue steel look??

  3. Just looked up Zoolander on Wiki. A film about male-models. Not my thing.

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