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The Decline Of The Alien Abduction Paradigm

Posted by patchouli on March 25, 2011

rock spirit In the early nineties of the last century, i think it was the last, I had just spent something like ten years scouring second hand book shops for alchemical, esoteric, occult, UFOlogical books when I suddenly thought, “gee I wonder what’s new in these fields?” so I went out and bought an Esoteric Occult bookshop, stocked it with anything I could get my hands on from new book publishers and wholesalers, moved into the back of the shop and proceeded to read myself blind.  Later, there were some seriously weird moments when people came into the bookshop and tried to buy something and there’s me telling them that I’d changed my mind, “This book isn’t for sale”…because I hadn’t read that one yet.  I eventually had to start a School of Ritual Magick to pay the bills…  that’s another story.

Anyway, by the time of the middle nineties I’d read just about everything there was available on, as I said UFO’s, Esoterica, the Occult, Spiritualism, the New Age, Consciousness, Alchemy, Kundalini, Gurdjieff et al etc etc etc.  [If you’re interested, by the way, the ‘best’ book I read was Gurdjieff’s Beelzebub’s Tales To His Grandson…]I have definitely forgotten more than most people know in these fields, some more than others.  Not to mention that when I was a little person I was reading then too…Ouspensky, Colin Wilson, Jon Michel, Powys, Idries Shah, Crowley in my early teens to name a few.  I was ‘lucky’: I was the youngest by far in the family and my two older siblings, who both studied literature at University, left a lot of books lying around and my parents used to let me let me choose a new book every week or so.

The point of all this is: that I had done a lifetimes research in these areas by a relatively young age and was, if I don’t say so myself, years ahead of most of the pack. [na na]

So, for example, it astonishes me that the UFO field is still so backwards – with people like Jacobs and Hopkins still pedalling their objectified Neuroses based on the worst type of evidence gathering and science available.  I mean, GOSH…on the net the other day I saw that Hopkins was still going on about the Bridge Abduction story. And the WWW is awash with Abductees, and Reptile Aliens, Greys, New World Orders and all the rest.  I remember in about 1991 coming to the conclusion from My Research (as they are so fond of saying these days) that most of the UFO material that came out in public emanated from some American Government Agency one way or another. Too many ex-military, ex-intelligence players in the field creating chaos – and they had been for years.

Then there’s David Jacobs – wow! What a fruitcake and all round nasty piece of work – now painted for all to see through the records of ‘Emma Woods’, as a manipulative psycho. You have got to ask yourself, Why is Temple University still keeping him on?  What’s their background?  Where do they get their funding from?

But the tide is turning. As I said, Jacob’s has been outed, Budd Hopkins is going down with him, thanks to his ex-wife Carol Rainey (as if anybody needed anything more than the NOVA documentary from years ago which showed Hopkins leading witnesses under hypnosis including children!) and all the others will fall by the wayside as well.  The trouble of course, is the damage these people have done.  All the ‘evidence’ they have come into contact with has been tainted and their insanity has spread contagion-like through the world of the UFO creating hysteria in millions.  How many Americans believe they have been abducted by Grey Aliens?  I guess the same amount who thought they were table tapping with Spirits a century ago.

If you look at it in the old way – that there was a little bit of gold – enough for a few people to really make something with it- but it was spread around to so many that what each got was useless, fool’s gold. You see what happened. Something, let us say, ‘awesome’ happened to a few people and the rest of the world fed upon the scraps, the crumbs off the table, a bit here and a bit there and went off into the wild blue spouting their theories as if they knew anything. They didn’t.

That’s why, as I have said so many times before, those who Know don’t speak.  There is absolutely no point to do so. I often read from people who are discovering interesting things about themselves and the ‘universe’ (I’m talking about people who have the ‘awesome experience’) the belief that they are discovering something ‘new’ and that as soon as they get it all tied together and go public they are going to make a difference. To me this is foolish in the extreme.  Perhaps, just perhaps, in their own small circle they can, through ‘baraka’ let’s say, make a ‘difference’, help in someone else’s Opening.  They certainly perhaps could be used for that purpose.  But it’s not as if there is some trick to it all – if you do this and this and this and then knock three times all will be revealed and you shall become ‘immortal within the confines of the solar system’.  That’s an artefact of  Western ideas of the Eastern process. Sure it’s what you do at the b e g i n n i n g when you have no objective hope….but…

There is something ‘to do’, for those ‘awesome’ people out there, but it requires a different knowledge than what they get with the ‘awesome experience’.  I mean, that is at least obvious is it not?  Otherwise there wouldn’t be all this chaos in people who have the ‘awesome experience’ – there wouldn’t be the Hopkins’ and the Jacobs’ and all the rest going around ******* people up.  They, instead of being at the center of the game (experts), would be in the queue with the rest. And of course, ‘awesome experiencers’ don’t all fall into the trap of Abduction Researchers, no.  There are plenty of other ‘experts’ out there waiting for someone to come along and be parasitic on.  “I’m gonna get parasitic on yo ass”, is, I believe, the phraseology these days.

No, the type of knowledge needed is……

well perhaps, first, there is a question: Why ‘to do’ anything?

You have had your awesome experience – what more do you want?  To walk on water? Raise the dead?  Why would you want that?  You’d probably only scare people. Of course if you have had the ‘awesome experience’ then you realize that it all didn’t happen just by itself.  That’s where the Aliens come in, isn’t it. “They must have done it.” So off you go to the Alien Abduction specialist and discover you are a ‘hybrid’.  And wonder of wonders, Whitley ‘the scribbler’ Strieber has a book coming out just in time for your next birthday all about it. So you can discover just what’s really going on. Thanks Whitley – you ******* idiot. ( please feel free to write in and tell me how ‘brave’ he is for coming out as a whatever-it-is-he-is…just like you always do).

….So when you have asked the question, come back and I’ll be able to, [camera moving in on dolly close-up, low bass pedal, that eastern violin thing that everyone uses now] “tell you what to do next”.

Or wait for the ‘scribblers’ next instalment. I personally couldn’t care less.

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  1. you’ve been drinking schnapps at the keyboard again haven’t you?

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