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is there life on earth, or are we just dreaming…


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At the Gates of the Garden

Posted by lahar9jhadav on March 30, 2011



“I always wanted to write a song which could be dedicated to the immoral men.
And I’ve prided myself all my life in being an immoral man, insofaras I can see the horrid…the horriblle spectre, that we could be part of, that we are part of….”


You ask what is the quality of life?
Seeking to justify the part you play
And mask what seems a worthless fate
You strive to make it any more or less
than short and sweet

And you, you are a fantasy, a view
From where you’d like to think the world should see
Be true and you will likely find, a few
Building a vision doing justice to your time

And we, we the immoral men, we dare
Naked and fearless in the elements
We’re free, carefree from tempting fates, aware
And holding off the moral nightmare at the gates

in the garden

And short, short is from you to me, as close
As we all hope to try to help it be
We’re caught watching the darkened sky, who knows?
Helpless as time itself to hold the time of day

And sweet, sweet as a mountain stream, beholds
Toward a new day breakin’ in the east
We will meet as every future dream unfolds
And surely quality it is at very least

at very least
very least


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