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Dolores Cannon

Posted by lahar9jhadav on April 14, 2011

Does the stupidity of humankind know no bounds?

I have just been reading some books by one Dolores Cannon – a self-styled ‘hypnotherapist’ (yes another one of ‘them’) who has been ‘researching’ UFO’s, past-lives and Alien-past-lives.  In other words, she ‘regresses’ her clients through past lives and then into alien lives.  She has ‘developed’ a whole world-view based on the stories she has ‘uncovered’. This world view is basically the same as developed by Guy Ballard in his books, with a dash of George Hunt Williamson thrown in to cover the Alien stuff. Cannon is completely derivative.Dolores Cannon

I went to Dolores’ website and found that she has ‘developed’ her own system of ‘hypnosis’ to extract the stories she loves so much.  But basically it is the same as used by some pioneers of this sort of stuff in the sixties and seventies in Perth, Australia – the Open Mind Group.  It has become known as the Christos Technique. The Open Mind Group were prolific in their experiments and published reams of material concerning exactly the type of material that Dolores has been peddling.  Cannon no doubt either got hold of some of this material or read the now infamous book by Gerald Glaskin Windows of the Mind, where he ‘appropriated’ the techniques of the Open Mind Group and published them. If you google “Christos Technique” you will find how far this ‘technique’ has spread.  The Open Minders always stipulated that what narratives came out were not to be taken as Truth, but as an interesting phenomenon of the ‘subconscious.’

Dolores, unfortunately, found that her madness was in demand and she has gone on to teach others her ‘self-developed-hypnosis-techniques’ through the usual ‘workshops’ and ‘seminars’.

Here is an example of her madness.

“My belief system has really been stretched and extended over the past 30 years. My first exposure to life outside of our world and everything we see around us was when I met Phil. His story is told in Keepers of the Garden. At first, he remembered normal past lives, and the sessions proceeded normally as I expected they would. This was probably the way it should be because neither of us were prepared to explore beyond that, nor to even know that anything else was possible. Then as we worked, he surprised me by reliving lives on other planets in alien bodies. This was my first encounter with this type, and at times I was at a loss for words. What do you ask an alien? As the work progressed, I was given a great deal of information about the seeding (or beginning) of life on Earth, because “they” said it was time for the knowledge to come forth. We both settled in and became comfortable with the unusual, and my curiosity took over and the questions flooded forth. It was explained that Phil was one of many spirits who had never lived on Earth before. They had volunteered to come and help the Earth at this time in its history. They had no conscious memory of this (naturally) and thus their lives had been difficult. They did not like being on Earth. They had difficulty adjusting to the violence here. They longed to return “home” although they had no idea where “home” was. They just knew it wasn’t here. Their problems were caused by the fact that where they came from there was only peace, beauty and love. It was quite a decision to volunteer to come to such a radically different environment. They did it out of love and the  desire to help, even though their adjustment has been difficult, and even impossible in some cases.

“Then there was the question: if he had never lived on Earth before, why did he go through the memories of several past lives before the other startling information came through? This was reason to doubt my work. Did this mean that reincarnation was not real? That the past lives I had been investigating through so many subjects were mere fantasies?”[emphases added]

Well, lucky for Dolores, she was saved from the painful realization that she had been wasting her time by being able to ‘explain’ it all away by…

“…The answer was that the lives he thought he was reliving were only imprints… a soul cannot exist on Earth in a human environment without the information and data of past lives in its subconscious. It must have something to relate to and fall back on; otherwise, everything is too new, too drastic, too overwhelming. Just as we have the experience of our childhood to explain the many things we come in contact with, the information and experiences from our past lives also gives us a background to relate to. This means that no one, no infant, comes in as a clean slate. It always has the background of other lives and experiences in its subconscious mind to help it relate to life in the physical. Of course, we are not conscious of any of this, just as we are not consciously aware of our past lives. Many of us do not even consciously remember events from our childhood. This does not mean that they do not exist.” [emphases added]

In other words, Dolores will believe any old tale. At present she is awaiting for The Big One in 2012, when the Earth will separate into two Earths – one for the Good people and one for the Bad people. She of course is one of the Good people.

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