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Beggars Banquet

Posted by lahar9jhadav on April 25, 2011

bless its pointed little head4

The Banquets are gone, receding into the clouds of unknowing leaving only traces behind in their wake.

There will be the stragglers–  mopping up after the banquet and scoring their own crumbs and titbits here and there. There will be the critics who will analyse the menus from the banquets, but unable to taste the actual food and drink, will only be able to make spurious comments based on their own preconceived experiences of past dinners in their own history and depending on their personal psychology will judge the banquet to be extraordinarily wonderful or a tasteless serve of inedible rubbish.

Some of the ‘secret ingredients’ and the exact process of culinary creation will never be known to those who follow and task themselves with the attempt to taste for themselves the flavours of the original feast and they will taste something completely different.  Some of those who sat at the original banquet tables will be found and interviewed – with the tastes and flavours long since evaporated from their memories due to time, not to mention the over indulgence of the wonderful wines and spirits at the banquet tables, and of course they have no idea about how the food was prepared or even who the chefs were. Some will invent tales and embellish their recollections, some will not wish to speak.

Occasionally a genuine attendee to one of the Banquets will arise and talk about how wonderful it all really was and how nothing since evokes even the astral smell of the original.

Later there will be rumours of other banquets, banquets created and publicised ‘in the style of’, declarations that the original Chef’s have returned and started up business again.  New Chefs claiming to be the old chefs.  There will be those who claim that they have attended a banquet who have never eating anything except take-away.

Then there will come a time when there will be those who shall say that there never were any banquets whatsoever, that it was all just a hoax by someone or other. And others who will invent banquets in their imaginations and travel to them in their sleep.  And others who will say that the banquets were only disguised as banquets so as to hide the real truth.

The last real Banquet, a sort of reunion, was in the last year of the last century.  There were some drinks parties after that but only a few and since 2001 nothing worth mentioning.


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