eye of the cyclone

is there life on earth, or are we just dreaming…


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Posted by lahar9jhadav on May 29, 2011

I asked her about enlightenment and so-called miraculous powers…

“We are like butterflies.  We have the capability to develop a soul, and when the soul is developed – enlightened – it leaves the cocoon, which is ‘us’, our bodies, and moves on.  There is a certain time of transition, however,  where the planetary body ‘you’, and the soul are together and there are wonderous occurences…but this is not for very long and then the soul leaves and you are once again ‘alone’ – and this can be very hard, emotionally and psychologically, especially without preparation.  There are cultures that even mark this transition with physical death – they call it conscious death, but there is no inherent requisite for this, as the physical body is not affected by the departure of the soul and can live for many many years, even decades after the departure.”

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