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Many Universes

Posted by lahar9jhadav on June 7, 2011

many worlds 770001After listening to ‘the scribbler’ whine on about  the predictions in his fictions which he uses as evidence of their ‘reality’ I went looking for earlier works which utilize the idea of many-worlds, multiverses, parallel universe etc.

Jorge Luis Borges’ 1941 story “The Garden of Forking Paths” used the concept of parallel universes before the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics had been developed. download it here


Fritz Leiber’s novel, The Big Time where there’s a war across time between two alternate futures each side manipulating history to create a timeline that modulates into their own world. download it here


2 Responses to “Many Universes”

  1. Lubo said

    how do I open an epub file?

  2. EPub’s are for portable devices such as Ipad etc

    For desktop reading usually you need an epub reader – there are some good sourceforge ones – actually there’s one called SIGIL which creates and edits epub files – that would be good for you since you are a writer.

    But basically an Epub file is a ZIP file – which contains html (or xhtml) pages which can be read on any browser. So … change the extension to zip, then open it using your zip software…have a look inside for html’s or xhtml’s and off you go…

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