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Gray versus the Pastel Spectrum

Posted by irisheaven on June 9, 2011

The Scribbler

I have been interested in Whitley Strieber and the Gray Abductions for some time because I have had experiences with the UFO’s and associated phenomenon for my entire life, and judging from Whitley’s accounts in his books and interviews of a much higher frequency than he — in more ways than one.

His experiences, on the whole, have been dark and cruel whereas mine have been rainbow-hued and loving, though serious and enigmatic.  His experiences have gained worldwide currency and inspired, according to him, half a million responses from others who have had Gray Abduction scenarios of a similar vein.  Mine have been publicly silent and as far as I can see in the published literature, of a relatively unique loving and happy nature.

It has been difficult for me to reconcile the two different accounts of basically the same theme: contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

There is an obvious solution to this conundrum: the Intelligence I have been interacting with is not the same one that Whitley and his followers have been involved with.

There is, also obvious, different agendas being played out. One Intelligence, apart from being ‘Cruel and Intrepid’‡, is interacting without permission with millions of humans, is very noisy and seeks to publicise its existence as far and wide as possible and tries it’s hardest to insinuate itself into the very marrow of the human psyche. The fundamental note of this Intelligence is Fear.

The Other Intelligence never acts cruelly, always has permission, is loving and kind, and seems to do its best not to interfere with human activity or its society.  At it’s core the experience with this Intelligence is about personal freedom and ‘evolution’, and the fundamental note is Love.

The Grays are obsessed with the Physical —abducting humans and experimenting on them in all sorts of procedures reminiscent of the Nazi Doctors of World War Two, implanting various devices into the bodies of their human captives, extracting semen and other bodily fluids, insemination of earth women and creating ‘hybrid’ offspring and so on and so forth.

The Others do none of that —though they have healed a sick body on more than one occasion.  They are more interested in the ‘Spiritual development’ of the people they interact with, and they only interact with individuals who are ‘known to them’.

They do not willy nilly, hap hazardly or randomly make contact with humans. It’s always, ‘by appointment.’  And no-one who is presently marketing themselves anywhere in the world as a representative of the Others has anything to do with them.  You will not find them in the marketplace.  Fullstop.

It is crystal clear that the Grays are completely different from the Others. On the one hand there is Fear and on the other Love.

Whitley Strieber is a spokesman for the Grays — let’s not be coy about it.  He is selling himself as living proof of the benefit of Contact with them.  He has promoted the Grays and their interests for years and desperately tries to convince anyone who will listen that your Governments should openly attempt reconciliation with them and he asserts time and time again that a ‘new world awaits us’ if that reconciliation can take place.  He seems concerned that ‘we are trapped on this planet’ and hopes for the use of the Grays ‘technology’ to escape.  If you take on the Nazi symbolism, he is asking for appeasement.

And he will be disappointed for the Grays have absolutely no interest in sharing their technology.  There is not one account of the Grays actively intervening for the benefit of the Earth or it’s people.  They are here only for their own benefit and couldn’t care less about the humans that they use —they are the ultimate parasite.

And where we would we go anyway Mr. Strieber, if we did have the ability?  What would we bring with us?  War and Pestilence?  We can’t even love eachother on this, our home.

When we can — when we evolve, when we are ready— then we will simultaneously achieve the ability to Travel into the Great Ocean.

As they say,

When The Pupil Is Ready, The Master Appears.



‡ “The ‘new man’ lives amidst us. ‘He is here,’ Hitler exclaimed triumphantly. ‘Is this enough for you? I will tell you a secret. I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel.  I am afraid of him’” (Adolph Hitler as cited in Morning of the Magicians, Pawells and Bergier)


Of course, If you didn’t believe in the stories of Gray Abduction and instead agreed with 92% of the ‘experts’ out there who put all of this down to aberrant mental states and imagination then My Aliens, so to speak, would still be around to tell the tale. For example there’s no sleep disorder to explain them away because they don’t turn up whilst your asleep in bed…

It’s RARE people….sorry to say, but contact with Alien Intelligence (advanced beings don’t you know) is just simply not for everyone…(hardly anyone statistically speaking)…

AND we don’t even advertise it…I tell you, it gives one a glowing inner feeling to know that one is ‘special’, and didn’t even have to be analy raped (like Whitely Strieber) for the privilege.  

Yes it’s true, I have (almost) unique knowledge, am special, enlightened and immortal.  I didn’t want to tell you all because I knew you would be jealous, but heck why not get it off my chest!   You have no idea how wonderful it all is.  SO what if you can’t have it too!  It’s not my fault, is it?  While you were all out scavenging  to get what you could get, bending over backwards to appease your lords and masters so you could get ahead, believing all the tripe because you wouldn’t make the effort to grow, trumpeting the wars and all the vileness in general….I was diligently working my way forwards towards The Goal….and I was rewarded.  It wasn’t easy – this wasn’t the ONLY life that I have been suffering in for my soul you know!  Yeah…you all think that a little meditation or whatever, some trickery is gonna do it for you…that if you are rich it means you are good…if you look nice it equates to having a soul…and all the other baloney that you indulge in.  Well, keep it up!  I don’t care…just means there’s more ‘air’ for those who can make it through.

Yeah!  I made contact…I am the Contact…I am the ET…but there’s not a thing I can do for you….You’ll have to get there yourselves!

Either that, or the Grays are real and you are all gonna get eaten anyway, when they finally come out of the closet, as the Scribbler says.

Errr…on second thoughts, you know I could help you get it all too….it will definitely cost, but only because if you don‘t pay, don’t sacrifice for it, you will take it all in the same way that you take everything else and that hasn’t got you anywhere now has it?

Mmm…I’ll have to get some sort of ‘button’ for you all to click…attached of course to your lovely bank account….I’ll make it as easy for you as possible…don’t want to have to sacrifice toooo much now do we.

PayPal sounds good, a Pal who Pays…yes! I will get on to it straight away.

palpay button

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