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Mysterious Drone Interest Spike

Posted by lahar9jhadav on July 3, 2011

Just noticed a big spike in people looking at my ‘drone’ pages…mmm I wonder why?  Somebody somewhere has probably made some sort of pronouncement jacking up the ‘titillation’ quota which has lead to a new level of interest and a new group of people having that interest.

drone saga opt

That’s great – this particular ‘experiment’, i.e.. the ‘Drone Saga’, provides for a really interesting study and expose on the way certain so called ‘objective’ researchers and their followers act and react over time to a ‘hoax’ that  entered the field abruptly with no precedence and then left the same way.  After the initial photos, communications and Caret website were inserted into the ‘consciousness’ of the ‘subjects’ the Train Left The Station to wherever it wanted to go unimpeded by facts or  realism, but of course running on heavily greased wheels following the tracks of mechanical response to external stimuli’.

ONE crowd of UFO researchers dismissed the whole thing as an obvious hoax – perhaps with a background of ‘meme’ tampering or social engineering. While the OTHER crowd of ??? (what do we call them?) Researchers took it to their bosom with the usual glee announcing that the photos were 100% authentic and untampered with, the Caret documents were real and their source as described, and all witness accounts were honest accounts of actual events: this group of ‘researchers’ has a very loud voice and of course advertises it’s ‘findings’ and ‘belief’s as widely as possible.  Persinger’s cognitive dissonance tells us that when the advertising is at it’s greatest and the pronouncements most vehement is when the actuality of events is at it’s lowest.  In other words: when the Drone story is factually at it’s most unbelievable, those who have(do) professed it’s reality shout the loudest.

This ‘spike’ in interest has been created at a time when some pronouncement has been made that should point to the phenomenon’s un-reality but in fact is being sold as confirming it’s reality.

The Drones and the Caret material are absolutely a ‘hoax’.  They have no basis whatsoever in reality except in the imaginations of their creators.  The images cannot possibly be authenticised because they are not real.  The Caret documents cannot be authenticated because they are fictional.  They are the core of this ‘phenomenon’ and hence this phenomenon is not real. Therefore all and any authenticisers and added accretions derive from the craniums of those who are suffering from some form of disease.  You can call this disease ‘narcissism’, ‘lying’, ‘the need for attention’, ‘stupidity’, ‘greed’ or simply the need to lead others astray.  Whatever, it is a pathological condition.

So…who has recently made a big pronouncement about the Drones????


I should have known that a cognitively dissonant announcement emanated from the Scribbler & Friends.  Yes, Linda Moulton Howe and Whitley Strieber are the culprits.  It never ends does it – the rabid search by this crew to drum up attention and business for their ridiculous websites.

I listened to the Dreamland radio show with the ‘new drone’ announcements – which basically is just one of Howe’s most obviously fake witnesses, Mr. Collins, offering a ‘new’ installment on his tale.  I won’t go into details because it was so stupid…but around this new snippet Strieber the Scribbler and Howe build a formidable house of pure and unadulterated nonsense.

Strieber tells us that his “team’ of video etc analysers have pronounced the drone images as absolutely real ‘no question’.  Ok so now we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that his team are either figments of his own imagination or have no expertise.

On the other hand Howe offers up the info that her analyser wrote a 14 page report absolutely showing the images were real.  She babbled on about ‘colour fringing’ but she and her analyser obviously have no idea about 3d modelling and rendering programs and how advanced they are.  Again, we now know that her analyser is either a figment or an idiot.

The Dreamland show also had the problem that Howe had done the same report on Coast to Coast the previous night so the Scribbler added some really dumb add-on noise about how William Henry had done a presentation on Trees somewhere and Howe’s fake witness mentioned trees and WOWIE ZOWIE what an AMAZING meaningful coincidence it all was.

Oh yeah…Mz. Howe and the Scribbler let us all know that if we disagreed with their ‘analysis’ of the images then we were being disingenuous, irrational debunkers.

It was ridiculous of course but sadly not surprising.

I might add that Moulton-Howe’s fake witness reminded me of Moulton-Howe’s other fake-witness, Jim Penniston’s announcement of his alien download into his cranium of a binary code. (see the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident).

Howe’s at the centre of both of these hoaxes. And she aint finished yet – she’s going to take her hoax down to Australia for a tour.  Apparently it’s lucrative if you can get away with it.

Strieber the Scribbler and Howe the Hoaxer must have the dumbest followers on the face of the planet – they are certainly the dumbest in the UFO/spiritual seekers world.

for an indepth analysis of the whole drone hoax see DroneHoax.com

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