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RUPERT MURDOCH – foaming at the mouth

Posted by lahar9jhadav on July 20, 2011

Rupert Murdoch foaming at the mouth
Thank goodness someone landed something on Rupert Murdoch, (at the British parliamentary committee) because nothing else is gonna stick.  The unconscionable reptile of the media world is as slippery as an eel.  Though this time it cost him a newspaper, UK influence and BSKYB.

He’s a menace to society and it will be a wonderful day when what he stands for (what he really stands for) will be just a bad memory.


Full transcript of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee Hearing available as PDF here

Did Rupert Murdoch Lie to the Hearing?

Whilst watching the hearing,  I found the following exchange interesting…

Q171 Mr Watson: Okay. In 2008, another two years, why did you not dismiss News of the World chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck, following the Mosley case?

Rupert Murdoch: I have never heard of him.

Q172 Mr Watson: Okay. Despite a judge making clear that Thurlbeck set out to blame two of the women involved?

Rupert Murdoch: I didn’t hear that.

Q173 Mr Watson: A judge made it clear Thurlbeck set out to blackmail two of the women involved in the case.

Rupert Murdoch: That is the first I have heard of that.

Q174 Mr Watson: So none of your UK staff drew your attention to this serious wrongdoing, even though the case received widespread media attention?

Rupert Murdoch: I think my son can perhaps answer that in more detail. He was a lot closer to it.

Q175 Mr Watson: I’ll come to your son in a minute. Despite the fact that blackmail can result in a 14-year prison sentence, nobody in your UK company brought this fact to your attention?

Rupert Murdoch: The blackmail charge, no.

Q176 Mr Watson: Do you think that might be because they knew you would think nothing of it?

Rupert Murdoch: No. I can’t answer. I don’t know.

Q177 Mr Watson: Do you agree with Mr Justice Eady when he said that the lack of action discloses a remarkable state of affairs at News International?

Rupert Murdoch: No.

Q178 Mr Watson: Mr Murdoch, a judge found a chief reporter guilty of blackmail. It was widely reported. He says it was a remarkable state of affairs—

Rupert Murdoch: Why didn’t he put him in jail?

Q179 Mr Watson: Because it was a civil case.

What I find interesting is that Rupert says he never heard of Thurlbeck and had not heard about the blackmail, and yet at the end of the exchange he knew perfectly well that Thurlbeck didn’t get a jail sententence.  As far as I can tell (and I may be wrong)  that constitutes a Lie from Murdoch.

And if it is……

Why is it that a bold faced lie from Rupert Murdoch at the intensely scrutinized Hearing in the UK Parliament was ignored by everyone except me, a lowly nobody blogger?

Why is it that all the ‘Great News Machines’ were out-scooped by me?

It’s because they are dumb and lazy.   They watched the hearing and because  a sign was not lowered from the ceiling saying “Lie now in operation” they stayed asleep.  They woke up of course when Murdoch got splattered by a cream pie and that, in essence, sums up exactly how they operate.  So what do we need these wonderful News Machines for if they merely regurgitate what is obvious anyway? and miss the rest?  Well, we don’t.  And they aren’t machines which concern themselves with “news”, they concern themselves with sales and distribution.

Rupert Murdoch is the master of this.  Look at his FOX (which represents 666 in English numerology by the way) News Service in America.  It has absolutely NOTHING to do with real news or investigative reporting but has everything to do with Sales and Distribution and POWER.  Rupert needs Political Power and that’s why FOX news spurts out masturbatory fantasies nano-second by nano second.  It’s a RED FLAG to all politicians about what he is capable of, and it keeps the Republican Party in his pocket.  Two very good reasons for the corrupt Politicians to always keep Rupert in mind and as close as possible.  They all hate him of course, with a vengeance, because they know that he has more power than they do.  And Rupert hates them too – he knows exactly what sort of snivelling cowards and fetid swill they are.  He hates the people, his media users too, because he knows they will believe any old tale and are as easily led as a dog on a leash.  The politicians hate the people too – for the same reason.

That is the world of Rupert and his Cronies – the politicians of  America and the UK and who knows where else. They are the same the world over aren’t they?

Although Rupert seems to love Singapore.

He thinks it’s the best democracy in the world.  And that’s another essential clue to the Real Rupert. Singapore, after all, is not a democracy at all but rather a dictatorship.

Ruperts are old-schoolers – they prefers Dictatorships because it is easier to control one leader than a multitude.  They won’t have to create media-news outlets simply to pressure the leaders and to control the opinions of the masses.  So it’s cheaper in a dictatorship for Ruperts to get their way.

A ‘bribe’ to one person, EL Supremo, (whether that be money or power or whatever) goes a lot longer way than if you have to divvy it up between thousands, or even millions.

Rupert Murdoch is a menace to democracies, to the evolution of politics and culture* and when he drops dead and goes to Hell, I for one will hold a small party in honour of the fortunate occasion.

I have been watching and listening to Rupert ever since he started at the News newspaper in  Adelaide, South Australia.  He was given it by his Father.  Rupert was born with a Silver Spoon in his mouth.  The News was the prototype of all that has come since – a shitty little rag full of smut and innuendo with only one concern – sales and distribution and political power.  After a while he became the sole newspaper owner in Adelaide – a monopoly (and still is).  That’s how he likes it, NO COMPETITION.  And if there is competition…well, we’ve seen how News Of The World operated in the UK – do anything to get the most SENSATIONAL STORY possible, no matter who or what public institution you trample on to get there.



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F – Rupert Murdoch

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