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Father Tiso, IONS, and the Rainbow Body Hoax

Posted by lahar9jhadav on September 9, 2011

francis tisoNot very long ago I was ‘surfing the web’ for ‘rainbows’ – I have a deep interest in them – when I came across an ‘IONS-sponsored research project investigating a specific case of the Tibetan Buddhist practices of the “Rainbow Body,” the ostensible dematerialization of the physical body after death.’ Just up my alley I thought – I know something about this -but all that I could find was an mp3 talk that the researcher Father Francis Tiso had given in 2002 at an IONS conference or something. Fair enough, I downloaded it. (Oh…IONS is Institute Of Noetic Sciences.)

The talk started off great:

“…that here we have an opportunity to look at a phenomenon that really seems to be verifiable…”

And continued with all sorts of ‘clever’ academic sounding stuff and anecdotes from some of the Interviews Tiso had done in his essentially Anthropological type study. He was seriously peddling the idea that this research was going to verify everything. The talk was given in 2002 and Tiso says, in the talk, that if anyone wants he will give them the research data he has – interviews and so on and so forth. Excellent — he offers the actual data for whatever verification others may be able to offer.

Then I found another site on the web writing about Tiso and the research -the post’s date was July 30th, 2010. The author writes:

I recently corresponded with Father Francis Tiso, asking him to share his experience and research on the Rainbow Body. He pointed me to some primary sources (translations from Tibetan to English) and implied that he would be willing to share whatever interviews and recordings he could dig up from his external hard drive. He told me he was a little flustered, and it might take him just a while to find the files.

Wow, Tiso in the mp3 talk says that if:

If what we (our research) is saying is true we will have to change our entire view of the human species – it’s meaning, purpose and psycho-somatic potentialities…

But he doesn’t know where the files, the RESEARCH, is….

There was no indication that the blog author had received the research files/data from Tiso.

Now, we are talking about 8 years between the date of the mp3 talk and the date of the blog where Tiso did not give up his research.

I continued my search on the web and found absolutely no sign of the actual DATA other than the mp3 talk and an article from IONS Review, No. 59, March-May 2002 with the same stuff as in the mp3 talk.

I guess, obviously the ‘research’ wasn’t ‘true’ and worthy of further study or public discussion.

But…if you websearch Rainbow Body – you will find heaps of Father Tiso links and reprints and IONS links etc etc etc. With absolutely nothing further added than the 2002 talk. You know, it’s become Rainbow Body Sightings exclamation mark. It seems like something happened but when you take a close look it evaporates into flameless smoke, or perhaps, ‘how you say…a non smoking cigarette.’

But I will tell: Rainbow Body is True! and Fantastic! and Wonderful! It’s BLISS! — it’s just that Tiso (and IONS) don’t seem to have more than a clue. Which in the Great Scheme of things is as it should be.

Ps: “Where is Mu now?”






One Response to “Father Tiso, IONS, and the Rainbow Body Hoax”

  1. Elisabeth said

    Maybe the research had caused Father Tiso more trouble than it was worth, and he shelved it for professional reasons, rather than personal. I know whenever I tell my own personal Rainbow Body experience at age 21, I get more than blank stares – I get downright derision. That’s why I tend to agree with you that it may be best left private, which I had done for well over twenty years to begin with. Brother David Steindl-Rast has done some research as well, but all I ever come up with [like you], is regurgitations of the same intial article where he worked with Fr Tiso. (I had the chance to meet Steindl-Rast in Germany some years ago and now wish I had thought to speak with him about it, but had no idea of his interest at that point.) Even Tibetan sources including the Dalai Lama (talks at Harvard, for instance) tell little descriptively imho. I know I can’t possibly be the only human to have had this particular experience (and you seem to be verifying that as well) – in fact I think it is available to all – yet it may just be one of those experiences which is not widespread enough just yet to get any ‘useful info’.

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