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Posted by patchouli on September 26, 2011

Modern science conquers space within the limits of the surface of the small earth. Esoteric science has conquered time, and it knows methods of transferring its ideas intact and of establishing communications between schools through hundreds and thousands of years.

A thousand years ago, if you ‘woke up’, if your heart was ‘opened’, if you ‘heard the call’,  you would have to travel and find the ‘Centre of the Radiance’ through  signs and portents, using your awareness and consciousness to find your way.  The struggle was great, though there was always ‘help’.  Mystery.  In the sixties the Centre of the Radiance was everywhere:  an isotropic line parallel to itself and vibrating on itself at right angles. Like a system of axes in which the point of intersection of the lines is everywhere at the same time. Then the Centre is many, because dimensions are contained within It. [:)] it’s the real World Wide Web.  And there is instant connection, though you need a certain level of psychic/cosmic energy above the mundane.

Lovely To See You Again My Friend…

“From the mid-sixties onwards you have what would have to be called a sort of LSD consciousness permeates the whole of the counter-culture side of British society. And you get it in the songs of the Pink Floyd …, all these bands incorporate LSD inspired imagery, and that of course was not the normal imagery of love songs and picking up girls, it was much more to do with a rather sort of specifically British form of psychedelia which involved dancing gnomes and flying saucers”. Barry Miles

John Michell was taking Acid and…

“It was, I think, in 1966 that I first went to Glastonbury, in the company of Harry Fainlight … We had no very definite reason for going there, but it had something to do with strange lights in the, sky, new music, and our conviction that the world was about to flip over on its axis so that heresy would become orthodoxy and an entirely new world-order would shortly be revealed.”

“At that time I was writing the first of my published books, The Flying Saucer Vision. It followed up the idea, first put forward by C.J. Jung in his 1959 book on flying saucers, that the strange lights and other phenomena of the post-War period were portents of a radical change in human consciousness coinciding with the dawn of the Aquarian Age. A theme in my book was the connection between `unidentified flying objects’ and ancient sites, as evidenced both in folklore and in contemporary experience. UFOs were constantly being sighted over St Michael’s tower on Glastonbury Tor.” John Michel author of the Flying Saucer Vision

The MOODY BLUES … seminal … leaders, explorers of sound, music, word and thought — showering all who watched and listened with cosmic energy, in the late sixties and the seventies.  Every new album received felt like a message delivered direct from the Source of the Radiance…

Now you know how nice it feels / Scatter good seed in the fields / Life’s ours for the making / Eternity’s waiting, waiting For you and me /Now you know that you are Real / Show your friends that you and me / Belong to the same world / Turned on to the same word / Have you heard?

Peter Willsher(1991): It was, I suppose, a stroke of luck that my music-writing partner, Robin Lumley, was moving to a new place of residence, sharing a house with Graeme Edge, drummer for the musical group, “The Moody Blues.”  Although Graeme is a long-term pal of Robin’s, I hadn’t personally seen the talented Mr. Edge since the early seventies, and it was good to be in touch with him again.

Both Robin and I have nursed a strong interest in the UFO phenomenon for many years, and so were very interested to learn from Graeme of a UFO encounter with the “Moody Blues” late one autumn night in 1967.  Graeme readily agreed to discuss the matter, and recounted the story as follows:

“We (the band) were returning to London after a concert in Carlisle.  I’d like to point out straight away that, given the reputation of musicians for consuming alcohol and other (!) substances after a show, all the Moody Blues personnel were completely sober and straight.  The road crew had, as usual, taken the equipment in the truck, and the band members were following along by car.  Apart from myself in the car, there were Denny Laine, Mike Pinder, Ray Thomas and Clint Warwick.  Around about 1.30-2.00 am we were driving south on the A6, when a bright light appeared and flashed past us.  Everyone became highly excited as to what the light might be, with the usual nervous jokey references to ‘UFOs.’

“Personally, I was convinced it was probably an aircraft warning-light on top of a radio mast, apparently moving because of the motion of the car.  However, the light returned from the opposite direction, and I suggested stopping the car for a proper look.  I was still convinced of a logical terrestrial explanation.


“As the car halted we all saw the light again to the left-hand side of us…it went backwards and forwards, and then actually over the car before settling in a field near the road, but on the opposite side of the dual carriageway.  As we scrambled out of the car, half scared, half fascinated, we all noted an odd stillness around us.  No traffic came, in either direction, and there were none of the usual nocturnal animal rustlings or bird noises.  It was quite uncanny and we were mesmerized as if in a dream.   We could see the object in the opposite field: it was shaped like a fat cigar with a low protrusion on top, with seven dull red lights on it.  I’m sure of the number as I distinctly remember counting the lights at the time.  The upper half of the object appeared metallic, whereas the lower half was red, and pulsed from left to right.

“The lower half was a bright red on the left and a duller red to the right, and did not seem to be metallic like the upper half.

“Suddenly, all five of us were gripped simultaneously with dread and panic.  We rushed back into the car, which started perfectly, and drove off.  As we looked back, we could still see the object pulsing away in the field.”

That was the basis of Graeme’s account, and I continued to question him at some length.  He was, and indeed still is, perfectly willing to answer any questions anyone may have, and he’s certain the other band members would be equally willing.  Now, Graeme has only recounted this story two or three times since the event over twenty years ago, and professes to be a changed man because of the experience.

Graeme Edge describes himself as a “stubborn, critical, nuts-and-bolts type,”  but nevertheless he feels that something may indeed have happened that night.  He doesn’t recall any ‘missing time,’ but, as is typical of touring musicians, no one bothered to check what time they arrived home.  In those days the Moodies were a Rock/Pop band, but after this experience, they tended to write and release all kinds of ‘cosmic’ albums, such as Days Of Future Past, and In Search Of The Lost Chord.

Graeme Edge is a very likeable, friendly, outgoing man, with a warm and generous personality, remaining totally unaffected by 25 years of international pop-stardom.  He’s pretty well-of, and has certainly had all the publicity he could want and more.  So he has no motives for imaginative invention for self-aggrandizement purposes.  He’s also not in the least afraid of being dubbed a crank.  What happened, happened..

or The Wild Eyed Boy from Free Cloud…

BOWIE: “I used to work for two guys who put out a UFO magazine in England,” he told the flying saucer man. “About six years ago. And I made sightings six, seven times a night for about a year when I was in the observatory. We had regular cruises that came over. We knew the 6.15 was coming in and would meet up with another one. And they would be stationary for about half an hour, and then after verifying what they’d been doing that day, they’d shoot off.”

BOWIE: “A friend and I were travelling in the English countryside when we both noticed a strange object hovering above a field. From then on I have come to take this phenomena seriously. I believe that what I saw was not the an object, but a projection of my own mind trying to make sense of this quantum topological doorway into dimensions beyond our own. It’s as if our dimension is but one among an infinite number of others.”

We scanned the skies with rainbow eyes and saw machines of every shape and size / We talked with tall Venusians passing through / And Peter tried to climb aboard but the Captain shook his head / And away they soared / Climbing through the ivory vibrant cloud / Someone passed some bliss among the crowd / And We walked back to the road, unchained

A thousand years ago the Secret Library was hidden, secluded in safe haven…in the sixties and seventies It was hidden in plain sight – for eyes that saw and ears that heard

“The Way is never without some work of a definite significance, is never without some undertaking around which and in connection with which it can alone exist. When this work is finished, that is to say, when the aim set before it has been accomplished, the way disappears, that is, it disappears from the given place, disappears in it’s given form, continuing perhaps in another place in another form. Schools [of the Radiant Eye] exist for the needs of the work which is being carried out in connection with the proposed undertaking.”


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