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Mark Steyn’s new Stain

Posted by lahar9jhadav on September 26, 2011

God help us another scribbler. 

Steyn’s (as in stain) new book is a one trick pony – He thinks that H.G. Wells’ time machine has come to pass 799,000 years early and the “soft, pampered, for want of a better word, metrosexual elite, who, like the Eloi, have lost all contact with the idea of how stuff is made, how stuff gets done, how things happen” rule the world.

This guy is what, around fifty? and he’s already lost touch with what is actually going on – he thinks that newly developed modern technology revolves around listening to Lady Gaga mp3s.  I wonder what he thinks went on in the so called Arab Spring?  Yeah everyone got together because they were listening to Lady Gaga – rather than utilizing the most integrated widespread cheap and light-speed fast communication/information network in the history of the world.  He probably thinks CERN is a German Beer.

Steyn’s understanding of the world seems so crudely myopic, his view so simplistic and naive,  that one wonders whether he gets all his information from old Time magazines.  But it’s all an act – he’s found an easy and well paying niche panting out slogans and crap for the  right wing in America (he’s really Canadian, don’t you know).

Steyn’s “a big fan of the U.S. military”. Of course he is. They are stupid and inept and screw up everything they touch – not the grunts, the slaves, no I’m talking about the Brass and their puppet masters. 

Steyn Thinks Obama is “a grubby political thug”.  Of course he does.  At least Obama didn’t start another war based on personal greed and self aggrandizement.  No he was into health Care for all.  tsk tsk.

Steyn – the reason America’s economy is so f****** up is because it was devoured by a generation of Republican Politicians (war war war greed greed greed) and their Backers (Wall Street, Murdoch etc) and egged on by lazy journalists and pig trough feeders like yourself.  What the hell has Obama got to do with it?  You think your problems started when he got in?  What a lazy bastard you must be to settle on that rubbish.


Steyn’s new book After America: Get Ready for Armageddon is so badly written I thought it must have been lifted off the internet from a ten year olds term paper or something. 

It has not one worthy idea, insight or analysis in the entire thing.  It’s tired, unfunny and gratuitous.

Tho’ I bet Steyn thinks it’s funny – I mean he got paid for that tripe.

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