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George Adamski in Adelaide

Posted by lahar9jhadav on October 11, 2011

gEORGE aDAMSKI mELBOURNE 1959 George Adamski – taken on his 1959 Australian visit 

“In Adelaide (early March 1959), after my second successful lecture in that city, a group of us were standing outside the hall waiting for transportation. One of the ladies sighted several space ships. Some of the ladies in the group observed the craft in detail before the ships passed out of sight.

“A priest approached the group and asked me to lecture at the local orphanage. After the lecture a lovely luncheon was served by the sisters. All the children, priests, and sisters were very kind and seemed intensely interested in the space program.

“As I was getting ready to leave for Melbourne, I was asked why the space ships did not land in Australia. I replied that they might after I had gone.

“A landing did occur, much to their surprise! This landing took place before I left Adelaide, but was not publicized until after I had arrived in Melbourne. Imagine my surprise when I read in the Sunday Mail of March 28th, the following article:

“’ ‘WE SAW A SPACE SHIP—Eerie Object Puzzles Town.

‘By Staff Reporter John Pinkney. Did a space ship from an alien planet land this month in South Australia? Eerie happenings in the township of Purnong, 91 miles northeast of Adelaide, are prompting residents to ask this question seriously.

‘In recent weeks weird multi-colored objects have streaked across Purnong’s skies—frightening the townsfolk. Two local men swear that on March 13th, they saw a huge dome-shaped craft take off from a field. The men are Mr. Percy Briggs, Purnong Landing carrier, and Mr. Carl Towill, postmaster at Claypans. Mr. Towill said: ‘The thing was bigger than an airliner. Mr. Briggs and I are convinced that it was intelligently controlled.’ The two men said they saw an enormous dome-shaped craft glowing in the dark and as they walked towards the mysterious object it rose silently into the air, hovered, then shot away at immense speed.’”



George Adamski Inside The Spaceships

Desmond Leslie

George Adamski: Toughest Job in the World by Tony Brunt








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