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Occupy Wall Street banners artwork

Posted by lahar9jhadav on October 17, 2011

wall-street-protests-banner wall-street-protests-banner wall-street-protests-banner

wall-street-protests-banner wall-street-protests-banner wall-street-protests-banner

wall-street-protests-banner wall-street-protests-banner wall-street-protests-banner police state

american dream capitalism gun  democracy delivered

police state capital black towers

holy american dollar bill

grass sign

you never know…

see also http://matthuynh.com/2011/10/occupywallst/ where someone ‘visited the Occupy Wall Street protesters on the 6th at Liberty Plaza Park and drew every placard they could find on display.’

mmm… I googled “Occupy Wall Street Celebrities” and got this…


i think they’d make a more powerful statement if they kicked the celebs (part of the 1%) out…

but that’s probably just too radical



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