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The Third Gate

Posted by lahar9jhadav on October 17, 2011

Tertium Mysterium Gate ad Regna Tenebrae

In John Dee’s third journey through the Portae de Abyssus he describes what has become synonymous with experiences ‘common’ in the last few decades in America, namely the Alien Abduction Phenomenon.

The Inhabitantis Transmontanus described by Dee bear striking resemblance to the modern Grays : coloris caesius  (grey colour), magnus genae (large eyes), tumidus kaput (enlarged heads), potestas de aligera (ability to fly), turpissimus peragitatus (the nasty things they do).

Dee described the Portae de Abyssus as a place where those who have made compacts with various  daemonis are extracted of their pledges in exchange for their rewards. Payments for demonic pledges of assistance in earthly successes are exacted in an ongoing process of torture and fear where certain spiritalis de essentiae (spiritual energies) are collected.

In Dee’s day to enter the Portae de Abyssus was no easy task – certain ‘secret’ knowledge was required.  But much of that secret knowledge, in the 20th and 21st centuries, can easily be found in any reasonable esoteric book publishers catalogue – or of course on the net.  In fact, it is so widely known in certain areas, that one could call that knowledge commonplace.  I suppose that’s progress.

Maybe the Portae de Abyssus has been so widely used that it remains ajar, and only a simple evocation and  invocation to the Inhabitantis Transmontanus is required?

the fool

placitu juvare divinus dominus ad defensus de diabolus maleficentissimus


if you are interested in such things you may want to read my good friend, Stephen Bleach’s :

Basic Satanic Rites and Exercises

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