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Whitley Strieber – Solving the Communion Enigma

Posted by lahar9jhadav on November 12, 2011

Whitley Strieber is at it again — about to launch a new book which at present is in the pre-release-publicity generating-trying-to-garner-pre-orders-so-as-to-get-on-the-top-forty-book-lists phase.

One thing is for sure: The Scribbler will not be solving anything, enigmatic or otherwise.  My guess is that it will be just another masturbatory fantasy trying to build the case that the Scribbler has been touched by the Divine and is the prototype of the ‘New Man’, the next evolutionary step.

Masturbation is about playing with your self, all alone in the dark,  trying to recreate (to pretend) a situation where you are connected at a deep and intimate level with someone or something, ‘death and orgasm’: but all that really happens is that you are engaged only with yourself, applying friction to parts of yourself, over and over and over and over again whilst re-imagining a real sexual experience of the past or in fact a non-real sexual fantasy, and that the culmination is simply an excretion of bodily ‘fluids’ – it’s like going to the toilet.

The Scribbler does this in public.  He’s not alone.  He’s part of a whole culture built on masturbation.  Think of the US Moon Shot – the erect rocket phallus; the moon-Diana-vagina ; the sperm, men on the moon; all that rubbing, and imagining, and expectation, which ends with a sterile excretion.  This is only one example of the American masturbatory fantasy – there are many others.  Indeed the whole American experiment could be viewed in this way – the ongoing desperate need to actually orgasm in a real way which never happens, despite the carnage and expense on every level.

“We’re discovering ourselves as magical and immensely powerful beings, we are the X-Men.” said Whitley Strieber on his last radio show* .   “I am a…rub rub rub…magical…rub rub rub…immensely…rub rub rub…powerful…rub rub rub…being……rub rub rub…I am a…rub rub rub…magical…rub rub rub…immensely…rub rub rub…powerful…rub rub rub…being……rub rub rub…”  And eventually another book is spurted out all over the place.

Actually, if the truth be told, they are continually discovering that they are un-magical, prosaic, mundane and  powerless.  And with that realisation they return to primitive attempts to appease the gods and nature using something like ‘sympathetic magic’ though in a distorted, upside down and reversed way – a “world that we are creating – we writers, we readers, creators of fiction about the impossible, the paranormal and the unexpected, a world that is coming into being because we are forming it.” Says the Scribbler.  And remember what the Scribbler has been selling all these years – the Alien Abduction story.   However this ‘world’ is only being created in the psyches of these writers and readers – their fantasies are projected as archetypes from their subconscious into their so called ‘waking consciousness’ and becoming a contextual consensus, for the very few who are susceptible, only in their personal mythos and psychic projections.  Their particular madness is that they actually think that their psychic experiences are going to play out in the field of planetary reality.  As the Scribber says, “what is fiction and what isn’t, you don’t actually know, none of us do, we’re in the process of conjuring a new world.”  No, you have been in the process of creating a belief system, which surprisingly (not), is very much like the old belief system.  Tell the big lie often enough and with bravado and the people (the readers) will follow.  Look at Elron Hubbard – a prolific writer of fiction who developed a belief system and hundreds of thousands followed him into his abyss,  Scientology.  Hubbard didn’t know the difference between fiction and reality either, well his followers didn’t at any rate. The Scribblers have been at it for a long, long time, employing the properties of susceptibility to fantasy, suggestibility and contagion which reside in the human mind.  The blind leading the sleeping.

The Scribbler22*The show featured Jeffrey J. Kripal an intellectual and spiritual  fool who thinks that the late American ‘guru’ Adi Da, who stated that devotional worship of him is the sole means of spiritual enlightenment for others, and that he is the most enlightened person in the history of the planet, was a spiritual genius.  Sure, whatever….in the show Kripal kept saying how humble his own insights were in comparison to Strieber.  Kripal obviously has a ‘guru’ complex.

Strieber introduced the show stating that it was going to be “mind blowing”…poor ol’ Whitley must have a very short fuse, or a mind that is so easily ‘blown’ that all that is required is to give him some attention.


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One Response to “Whitley Strieber – Solving the Communion Enigma”

  1. pwntnewb said

    It is not a book. It is some gentlemen writing whatever crap comes into his head off the top of his head.

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