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Poor Ol’ Whitley

Posted by lahar9jhadav on November 24, 2011

whitley strieber Poor old Whitley Strieber, still selling books but running out of ‘experiences’ he has started to ‘unearth’ accounts of the experiences of others from the days when he first ‘came out’ with his book Communion and started to develop his cult-following, and staged events at his ‘infamous’ cabin.

Followers of Strieber’s career have heard about some of the ‘celebrities’ who have mentioned their stay at Whitley’s Cabin but on the latest instalment of Dreamland (Strieber’s podcast) Strieber brings on a couple of ladies who were two of the many who were enticed to The Cabin through letters they had written to Strieber after reading Communion.  And they tell the listener of their ‘remarkable experiences’.  Inadvertently we also get an insight into the chaotic  Striebers’  on-site ‘workshops’, or Abductees’ Gatherings, of the time.  Mmmm.

As usual Strieber uses hyperbole to the utmost heavens in trying to sell these experiences and of course his upcoming book, these are his words: “ …one of the  frankly great most multiple witnessed ufo encounter experiences of all times” (sic).  Well, for a start there were no UFOs, and the events described involved the usual “I was asleep in bed when…” type tales, also at most there were only two witnesses to the same event (one of which was not on the show), and the two ladies on the podcast did not experience the same events.

Whitley’s “ …one of the  frankly great most multiple witnessed UFO encounter experiences of all times” (sic).  was nothing of the sort and does a disservice to all the really interesting events in ‘UFO’ history with actual multiple (er..like more than two….a lot more) witnesses…

Here’s one….(along the lines of Whitley Strieber’s podcast)….it’s from DANA HOWARD and concerns an event on April 29, 1955.  As you will see this encounter had many many witnesses….

“Reverend Bertie Lillie Candler, proclaimed by many as the greatest physical medium of the world was holding a private séance at the Church of Divine Light, 837 South Parkview Street, Los Angeles, California.

“I had never attended a materialization séance before, and my inquiring mind asked all sorts of questions. As my cerebral atoms whirled with curiosity toward the close of the meeting the “little white church” seemed to me, electrified with a powerful vibration.

“Then—some ten or twelve feet from the draped-off area where Reverend Candler was in deep trance— I saw a rising glow of phosphorescence. It was very tall at first, but out of this phosphorescent substance a form began to manifest itself. She was definitely different from the other “spirit” manifestations, a solid, fleshly being, delicate in charm and manner.

“She called for DANA. Overwhelmed with emotion I could not choke back, I went up to her, standing only inches away from the manifestation. While I did not recognize her instantly, I knew there was something quaintly familiar about her. Standing like a sylph-like goddess, and bowing low in greeting to the twenty-seven persons present, the rich tones of her voice vibrated through the little church.


“Once adjusted to the vibrations she dwindled in size until judged her to be about five feet tall. As she tossed back the well-shaped head revealing her perfectly chiselled features, there was no mistaking her identity. She was the same “being of unsurpassed loveliness” who sixteen years earlier had escorted me to the waiting spaceship.

“I was speechless at first, my thoughts tumbling over one another I finally managed to say:

“”Are you my mentor . . . the person who has been giving me those wonderful discourses?”

“She answered: “Yes. This is the first time we of the greater planets have been permitted to come to beings of earth. From now on we shall be with you, always.”

“Diane then went into a few moments of profound discoursing the content of which I could not recall later. Before taking her leave as if to reassure me that she was not an imposter, she placed a corner of her jewel-bedecked garment in my hands that I might feel the texture of the fabric-materials I quickly identified as “Venusian”.

“She then went into a beautiful, rhythmic dance described by one onlooker as “The rhythm of the ocean waves.” She finally bade us all good night and with her fragile hand on my shoulder she melted into the nothingness.

“Lucile Points, of Los Angeles, one of the questers present on that memorable night says of the event:

“I have had the opportunity of sitting through many materialization séances, but I shall never forget one particular evening this Spring when Reverend Bertie Lillie Candler had one of her very interesting and inspiring séances.

A beautiful, fleshly being came, rather hesitantly at first, then saying, ‘I am Diane. I come from Venus.’ Since I was sitting next to the draped-off place I greeted this beautiful one asking: ‘With whom do you wish to speak?’ She replied softly: ‘I wish to speak with Dana.’

Dana Howard stepped up to her, but recognition was not instantaneous. Dana asked: ‘Do I know you?’ Diane replied: ‘Why yes, my dear. I have been with you before. I came for you when you made your flight to Venus.’

Mrs. Howard then asked her if the discourses she had been receiving since the publication of her book had been coming through her. Diane answered:

‘Yes. I have been trying to help you write the experiences you had on Venus.’

She gave such an interesting talk with so much love and with a soft, yet powerful voice. She then gave us somewhat of a Butterfly Waltz as if floating on wings, her full-flowing jewelled gown shining in the phosphorescent light.

Yes, truly I can say this was the most outstanding experience of my life.”

Lucile Points.

Mrs. Gladys Campbell of Alhambra, California and her friend Mrs. Maude Haas both of whom were present that night have made a joint statement.

“On April 29, 1955, the writer, Mrs. Gladys Campbell and my friend, Mrs. Maude Haas, attended a materialization séance at the Church of Divine Light, 837 South Parkview Street, Los Angeles, California . . . the medium being Reverend Bertie Lillie Candler of Florida, one of the foremost materialization mediums of this country.

“I am more than happy to give an account of what I witnessed to the best of my recollection, and you will recall when you spoke at the Pyramid Church in Alhambra the following Sunday after the visit, I was the one who got up and verified your statements concerning the visit of Diane.

“It was truly a marvellous thing to be present and see for myself such a wonderful personality, and I know you must be very humble and gratified to have the facts that you brought before the public in your book—’ My Flight to Venus’, substantiated in such an unexpected manner.”

Mrs. Gladys Campbell, Mrs. Maude Haas.

“The following letter from L. M. Cahill is still more explanatory:

Dear Dana Howard,

“I have for many years, engaged in private research entirely separate and apart from my profession, into the possibility of the existence of many natural laws that effect or control the earth and its people.

Such investigation and study have occasionally brought me into contact, during their lifetimes, with many persons engaged in various scientific activities, including Millikan, of the California Institute of Technology, Whitmore of the University of California and Father Rikard of the University of Santa Clara.

I have also carried my investigations and studies into the works of, or records of, many persons, including Jean Flammarion, Thompson, Kahn, Crookes, Lodge, Crandor Prince and of Jesus of Nazareth as reported in the New Testament.

I have occasionally given some thought to the possibility of greater scientific proof of the existence of the earth entity after death, and that there may exist a law of communication, which would have application not only to persons living on other planets, but also to those who once were known as persons here, but who might be living in a different form at places not known to us now.

Upon being informed last winter that the great materializing medium, Rev. Bertie Lilly Candler, had agreed to leave her church at Miami, Florida, for several weeks in April, 1955, for the purpose of acting as visiting pastor to the Church of Divine Light at Los Angeles at the request of its pastor Rev. Beulah Englund; I decided, in furtherance of one stage of my work, to seek permission to witness one or more of the materialization meetings that it was believed would be held while the Reverend Candler was here.

Such permission having been granted, I was privileged to witness over a number of months, the materialization of many so-called “dead” entities who appeared in Reverend Englund’s church through the power of Reverend Candler, and not only talked audibly to their relatives, but who walked and danced and sang songs.

After viewing and listening to 500 or more of such materialized spirit entities, and after talking personally to twenty or more such entities, I am of the opinion that the entity “DIANE” that appeared to you on April 29th, 1955, during a meeting where Reverend Candler was functioning was an entirely different entity than the others. The difference is hard to describe but I will do the best I can.

She was in human form. A beautiful female dressed in white. Yards and yards of soft flowing material that gave the impression of chiffon. I was soon to realize however, that underlying the white material or possibly underlying part of same was a distinct blue effect.

I heard the entity speak your name and saw you move out of the group of approximately thirty men and women present and approach her. The first word I heard her say was “Diane”. Then followed some conversation in low tone and as I recall it she said: ‘Diane is my earth name”.

The entity then moved very gracefully forward and toward the centre (from the side lines) of the church and performed a dance of a type or style of which I had no previous knowledge. The motion was rolling, as of ocean waves; the body was moving in a rolling motion and in what appeared to be an arc, or a series of such. The dancing continued for about one minute and the entity after what appeared to be a final word to you, disappeared as suddenly as she had appeared.

I would be very foolish to attempt to describe the beauty of this entity or the graceful rhythm of her dancing or the perfume that so definitely followed her. I do not care for the commonly used phrase ‘out of the world’ but that is what it appeared to me and to those present.

I believe I am well on the road to being able to place before others, if requested, a scientific explanation of all of the other entities, but as to this one I do not have even a sound theory for the present.

Sincerely yours, L. M. Cahill.

“A final statement from Reverend Beulah Englund should prove conclusively that Diane was not an ordinary materialization— but something beyond the scope of knowledge of all those present.

Dear Dana Howard,

This is to state that I have known Reverend Bertie Lilly Candler for many years and can honestly vouch for the authenticity of her work. She has worked in my church many, many times and has drawn her audiences from the highest brackets of society, doctors, lawyers, educators—and just plain every day folks.

I consider what happened at my church on April 29th a miracle. I no longer look upon it as a church but as a shrine that will help many people with their problems.

My only regret is I missed part of Diana’s appearance. It was growing late and two or three of my guests had to leave by way of the back door to go home. When I returned I saw the beautiful woman standing there, and knew that nothing like it had ever come before. I sincerely believe it was not a spirit apparition as the others had been—but a physical being from another planet. Whether she was teleported direct from Venus or whether she came from one of the spaceships seen by members of the Air Force over Mrs. Howard’s home town at the same time she appeared in my church . . . I do not know. I do know this is the greatest privilege Rev. Beulah Englund will have in this lifetime.


Reverend Beulah Englund.

“The appearance of the lovely Diane in the “little white church in Los Angeles” is only one side of the miracle that occurred on April 29, 1955. Out in the desert where your author resides during resort season, another miracle had happened. Mrs. Barbara MacDonald, a member of the Ground Observation Corp, a civilian agency attached to the Air Force, reported that her skywatchers had broadcast four strange ships seen high in the desert skies during the week of Diane’s visitation. There was no chance for error here.

“…no exaggerated rumours, for all sightings were the result of observers detailed to duty, Air Force volunteers whose task it is to spot and report any unusual happening or any alien ship seen in the skies. These skywatchers, working different shifts, all gave the same account. Mrs. McDonald reports that H. A. Mooney, a young man well trained in sky phenomena and only recently out of the Navy, stated he saw a huge ship very high over the desert skies and traveling at a startling rate of speed. Although the ship was of gargantuan size there was no tail fire and it was absolutely noiseless. Mooney stated it revealed a long row of odd-looking portholes from which streamed radiant fire. It vanished into nothingness before his eyes.

“Mrs. McDonald further relates that a few nights later, Jan Carlyle, secretary of a prominent Palm Springs attorney, another duly appointed skywatcher, reported a similar happening. This ship was virtually the same in appearance. It was described as unusual in size—the same long row of portholes and travelling at fabulous speed. It too was noiseless. Repeating substantially the same story as young Mooney, the ship vanished into thin air while the watcher’s eyes were upon it.

“Again Mrs. McDonald tells of another similar incident. Rickey Anderson, another skywatcher and a decided unbeliever in the “saucer theory”, reported a few nights later the appearance of two such ships traversing the desert skies. He described the light streaming from the portholes as a luminous blue-white light. The ships were travelling in an easterly direction and he followed them over the little town of Thousand Palms, California, but like the others they disappeared into the invisible beyond.

“Your author has been reliably informed that all four sightings have been duly classified by the Air Force as “unidentified flying objects.”

“Again, a few nights later the townspeople of Desert Hot Springs, California, a health resort located ten miles from Palm Springs, were alerted by a different kind of craft. Flying the skies, almost directly over my home, Joe and Marian Merrick made this sighting report:

“It was 7 o’clock in the evening,” say the Merricks. “We were sitting on our front porch when suddenly we saw a strange object in the sky, the forepart of the ship a huge orange disc, the tail portion made up of blue-green lights which seemed to flash a luminosity over the desert sky. It was broad daylight and visability over the broad expanse of open desert made the sighting stand out in bas-relief.

“We watched it for quite a long time. There was no wind. A quiet still desert evening. Then as suddenly as it appeared it took off at great speed and disappeared into thin air.”

Joe and Marian Merrick,
Desert Hot Springs, California.

“This sighting was confirmed by countless other individuals but I quote from the lips of Mrs. Agnes Gentile who has been a desert resident for many years and familiar with desert sky phenomena.

I was out of doors with the children,” says Mrs. Gentile. My little granddaughter saw it first. She looked upward and screamed. There was this fantastic thing—a huge ball of orange fire with a long tail of brilliant blue-green light. It so frightened the children they ran screaming into the house.”

Alice Gentile.

“Now comes the poser, where did these strange ships come from? Are there transporting currents in the atmosphere about which our scientists know nothing? Will voyaging to the stars be a common-place when we learn these secrets? Again …was the lovely Diane “teleported” from one of these ships or did she come over the clouds from Venus? Are the ships equipped with some sort of mechanism capable of rendering them invisible as it would appear? Perhaps teleportative methods is the answer to their sudden appearance and the same abrupt disappearance. There seem to be no differing accounts in this particular. Their speed and manoeuvrability is beyond our comprehension. They seem to flash through the skies with lightning-quick velocity, then without a wave of warning, dissolve into nothingness.”

You, dear reader, may find the above laughable – and so long as you think that Strieber is also laughable then we are in agreement, but if on the other hand you laugh at Dana Howard, Diane and all their witnesses whilst taking Whitley Strieber seriously then you are making a mistake: Diane’s materialisation had a lot more witnesses than Strieber ever had, and if you were to read Dana Howard’s books you would find that she was at least 50 years ahead of Strieber.








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