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Free book: Meditation

Posted by lahar9jhadav on November 25, 2011

meditation 22

>>I was in Holland. Amsterdam to be more exact. I was back packing my way across Europe and had caught a cross channel ferry from Dover. The weather was overcast.

I checked into a small hostel near a canal and left my bags there so I could go out to see Amsterdam. I wandered around the streets till I reached the main square. I looked like a Tourist.
I was standing around on the edge of the square when a black man approached me. I was wary of him immediately. I could see he wanted trouble.

He came up to me and began speaking in good English saying he had some hashish he wanted to sell to me. I remained calm and played along with him as best as I could. He was taller than me and weighed a good 14 stones. I could tell he was scamming me though. He didn’t look like the type who would have hashish on him let alone have any for sale. But I played along with him. He opened a small packet he had in his palm to show me the quality of the product. It looked like hashish but the block was too big to be for sale on the street. It looked to weigh at least an ounce. Then he made his pitch. He wanted to sell it to me at a bargain price and I told him no thanks. He persisted arguing that it was the best deal I’d find anywhere. I agreed with him but told him I didn’t have any money on me, which was true. At that he turned cold and placed the packet in a pocket and reached into another one. I heard the sound of a flick knife being opened and became rigid with fear of being stabbed. He didn’t say anything but became more menacing.<<

download a pdf of the whole book here









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