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The ‘new’ ‘ufo’ Contactees

Posted by lahar9jhadav on November 26, 2011

With the derision of their ‘antecedent fathers and mothers’ complete and their value reduced to nothing more than a ‘glitch’ in the history of paranormal phenomenology,  the ‘New Contactees’ have begun to enter the ‘circle of play’, and with exactly the same message.  :)

This time around instead of earthlings playing around with Atomics and ‘upsetting the balance’ being the core of warnings from the Contacts, the predictions of danger are about the new scientific plaything, CERN.  According to Contactee, Jeff Ritzmann, CERN is destroying a multitude of worlds in their unknowing search for answers. Talking to Jeremy Vaeni on Paratopia about a message from his Contact ‘Shroud Man’ or ‘Shroudman’ (er..tall and wears a ‘death shroud’)  he said:

Jeff Ritzmann: The CERN collider came up and it was referred to as a necessary part of science and all of that, and understanding, but that it was diabolical.  I think it comes down to that notion of not knowing what you’re doing.  Only seeing a very small part of the picture when you’re conducting experiments like this, and you don’t really know what these particles represent and you’re studying them because you need to know more.  And ultimately I think that…er…the overall tone was that it has to happen but it didn’t exactly sit well…um…but that it was a necessary part of science…

Q: What are they doing, are they destroying universes?

JR: By the thousands.

Q: Well, is that any different than a volcano?

JR: I don’t know, I guess not. I don’t know. I mean like that wasn’t a great deal of the topic it was just kind of like a sidebar thing because you know, I asked.  I asked because that’s the thing that’s been in the forefront of you know particles…  study and um…you know it was initially it was like, kind of, you could tell it was somewhat of a — like someone might view the holocaust.  Like that type of air, but  then it was unfortunately, this is the only way that science is going to learn about these things and it  has to happen, so it is what it is and it is the way it’s supposed to be and this is how things go along, but ultimately it didn’t seem to sit too terribly well.

Jeff Ritzmann’s dictated message from his Contact, “Shroud Man”  as transcribed from Paratopia….

“We, meaning earth and people, are smaller than the smallest measurement that mankind is capable of measuring.  This is in comparison to the larger perspective which has no known end and is self perpetuating.

“The Fractal is the single greatest discovery of man.  The answers from the artist to the scientist are there.

“Mankind will never be able to see with technology what the micro sub atomic particles are, because what exists there, is another universe — infinitesimally small and likely, a replication of our current sense to reality, ie. meaning space, people, technology etc.

“We too live within, to our own perspective, a larger version of a particle world.  To back out from earth, to the end of reality itself without human perception is the trick.  There is currently no ability to do this.

“Your reality, that includes infinite space, is contained within a single particle. Everything you know, or can perceive — and we’ve seen only the smallest portion of that – exists within that single particle.

“There are other particles.

“There are within those particles other intelligences, unimaginable  to you.  The reality of those particles too, is imperceptible to you within your physical body.


“Time is perceptual and is governed only by perception.  If your world had no inhabitants, time would become irrelevant.  If your world had no inhabitants to exist on it, your world would not exist at all.  Nor would your perceptible vision of the cosmos. It would all simply, instantly cease to exist.

“Your science has already made note of quantum particles that come in and out of existence instantly and constantly. Within those particles are worlds, intelligence, and all live their history in a wink of your eye.  To those within these particles of reality their time is long, seemingly billions of your years. You see their birth, life and transcendence in nano-seconds.  To you it’s just a strange particle with little explanation, that comes into your reality and leaves just as quickly.  Now scale that up.  You too are within a particle  that will one day simply cease and will wink out of existence.  You and all other intelligence will long have left this perception of reality, so not to worry.

“The question is, ‘Where have all these intelligence gone to?’  This is as of yet unknown to me.

“I know what you’re thinking, and yes there is someone looking at our particle, but there is someone else looking at his particle, and so on.  Now take this straight line of the fractal model and expand it to parallels.  These two exist in the same framework as described, however they are echoes of other realities.  The question is, ‘Which one is the source of the echo?’

“What you have heard is true, in a sense every molecule is a yawning chasm to another world.  (Now where he got that was, I listen to Terrence Mckenna and that’s a saying that Terrence’s said a couple of times that I’ve heard – he goes on to say).  If you desire contact you’ll do well to take a lesson from Horton, listen to the smallest particle, not the vastness of your perceived cosmos.

“I’m not from outside your existence, I’ve come from a particle in your world.  One older and more complex than your science has even thought exists.  In a strange sense you’ve already known this when you theorized, ‘they exist in the space between space.’  In a certain sense this is true, but we are beginning to question what this space actually is.”

What Ritzmann is describing is the sort of thing that many a bright and enquiring child has thought about, as they reflect on the atomic structure mapped out in their school lessons,  upon the micro-world they discover through the microscope and upon the infinite when they use a telescope: “What if this world is just an atom, or particle of a much bigger something, and that bigger something is an atom of something bigger”.  When the atom was originally mapped out in the form of a nucleus with orbiting electrons etc it ‘looked’ like a micro solar system.  Now, with the fractal and it’s animated pictorial form we can see the old idea in a new way.  It’s all very delightful.

In science fiction, visions of miniature human civilizations date back to at least 1858, when Fitz-James O’Briens’  “The Diamond Lens” described the tragic plight of a scientist who falls in love with a tiny woman he sees through a microscope.  In the early Twentieth century, Ernest Rutherford’s early atomic model briefly sanctioned the notion that atoms might be miniature solar systems, leading to many stories like Ray Cummings’s “The Girl in the Golden Atom” (1921) involving heroes who shrink to adventure on microscopic worlds. There are intimations at the conclusion of “The Incredible Shrinking Man” that its ever-diminishing hero might someday encounter other microscopic beings. There were also stories about scientists creating their own tiny worlds, like Jack Williamson’s “Pygmy Planet” (1932) and Theodore Sturgeon’s “Microcosmic God” (1941); later, entire micro·universes were created in Donald A. Wollheim’s “Edge of Time” (1958) and Gregory Benford’s “Cosm”, (1998).


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