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2012 – The End Is Nigh

Posted by lahar9jhadav on December 30, 2011

PREDICTION (ongoing source beginning around 2004):

At some stage in the year 69 million people will lose their lives through a ‘single’ event.  The Seer has tried to discover exactly what the event is without success, only the number of deaths.

However, trying to figure out what could cause such a death toll leads only to a few probable causes. Commentary impact being the most likely, with Nuclear Conflagration also a possibility.

Projections, based on the figure of the initial death toll, argue that there is a chance that a breakdown in planetary wide politique, society, economics, food availability and distribution will occur.  The fall of contemporary civilization into a pre-industrial state, or worse, is a distinct possibility.

There are certain ‘markers’, signs and portents, which have seemed to point to this predicted event, generally (apart from the ancient prophecies) beginning in earnest in approximately 1848.

earth space water

and in the next 100 years at least six billion people will die…











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