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Poor Ol’ Whitley #777

Posted by lahar9jhadav on January 20, 2012

Poor Ol’ Whitley Strieber is off fighting windmills again as sales for his latest pot-boiler, Solving The Communion Enigma, apparently crash and burn in the  bookshop market place.

My new book, Solving the Communion Enigma is being murdered. There is no other way to say it. Try finding it in a bookstore…– Whitley Strieber

The formulae is old and tired and ain’t convincing anyone anymore – we all knew that the book would contain nothing substantial or new and certainly wouldn’t be solving any ‘enigmas.’  Sure people will still buy the electronic edition for their Kindles:  they need something ‘easy’ to read on the bus, train or subway as they move from station to station in their daily lives of humdrum.

rational people like me and the other UFO researchers are being ghettoized, starved out, and cruelly marginalized, and I, for one, am sick and tired of it. I am sick of waiting and I can’t stand it any more. – Whitley Strieber

What? Threatening suicide unless your book sales increase?

 But then a few days later Poor Ol’ Whitley revises his ‘theory’

Last week, this journal started with the paragraph: “My new book, Solving the Communion Enigma is being murdered in the bookstores. There is no other way to say it. Try finding it in a bookstore.”

Now it turns out that it is moving out of the stores very well, and that’s thanks to you.  – Whitley Strieber

Cue ‘cricket sound’ and silence…

Nothing encapsulates Whitley Strieber better than his above quotes, less than a week apart, and mutually exclusive.  Strieber doesn’t miss a beat, doesn’t say he was wrong…just moves on with his spiel. The facts don’t matter to this guy – they never did.

No-one of any consequence is listening anymore Whitley, you’ve marginalised yourself, painted yourself into your own corner (from gray, to white, to black….but nothing seems to work).  But don’t worry man, you’ll still be feted  by the other corporate shills, wannabe writers of pulp fact-fiction, and the next generation of business-planned-crotch-rubbing-guru-experiencer-explainers like Vaeni and Ritzmann – for a while anyway, of course as soon as your audience has moved over to the ‘pod-casts-of-new-formation’ you will be re-designed as a historical dilapidated kook along the lines of Mr Ashtar’s followers in the 50’s.

If only you hadn’t designed your narrative by focus group.  Oh well.

But hey, listen I have some Red Hot info for you, I call it Solving The Enigmatic Death Of The Communion Story. I didn’t invent the idea, but here goes.

Whitley, to redeem your career, to make a couple of million quick, your next book should be a recantation of everything you have ever written.  Just think of the sales! “SHOCK HORROR STRIEBER RECANTS!!!”   But, whatever you do, don’t do any pre release publicity bullshit.  In fact don’t try and sell it at all – it’s a turn off.  No, just announce it a week before it goes on sale.  Remember you’re not after good reviews – just sales. Ok?

Here’s a review lifted from Strieber’s own website (CMS can be tricky to manipulate because of the automation you know!) about ENIgMA – it was in the comments section underneath his “please buy my book because it’s being murdered…” rant…

Having just finished it on my Kindle, I think “Solving” (like most things on UC) kind of over-promised and under-delivered, and in some ways rambled without very apparent direction. I don’t mean to be rude, or hurtful about a book that you said took 10 years to write, and maybe if I re-read it I’ll pull more out of it. But in the end, nothing was solved at all, we’re still left with sometimes contradictory aspects of the phenomenon with no more reconciliation than, “they’re probably as complex as we are.” I didn’t feel I gained any new insight into what exactly their relationship to the dead might be, nor where they might be from, or how or why they are apparently technologically advanced unless they are an alien (meaning non-human) civilization or us from the future. There was never even a plausible link established between the beings who dragged you away that fateful December and the semi-corporeal being you meditated with for years. It’s still a mystery wrapped in an enigma that’s at least 90% unsolved, if not 99%!

I must be a time traveller – cause I knew what was going to be in Strieber’s book before it was published!  Or it could just be that there has been an obvious pattern to Strieber’s book releases and their shrill phoney publicity over the years.

I also heard an interesting William Henry podcast (Revelations) with guest Randy Maugans that was about internet media bullshit artists like Hoagland and Project Camelot.  Here’s the blurb:

From crazy claims about Comet Elenin to wild stories about impending doom, a large body of people seem to be exploiting the internet and the credulity of readers simply to draw attention to their websites. William Henry calls this “a deadly serious game” and Randy Maugans explains just why they are spreading their stories and what they hope to gain. This is a hard-hitting name-naming program that asks the questions: why all the hysteria, why all the lies?

Henry talked about someone called David Wilcox and how he had blatantly plagiarised him :

He (Wilcox) scanned my Freedom’s Gate book and just put it wholesale into his video presentation with the slimmest of possible of attribution and then literally butchered the result… you have these people who are passing themselves off as authorities using other peoples’ material, in this case me, with full knowledge I have to believe… he was absolutely twisting my words and my conclusions… and  I have talked with David about it and got him to fess up on a couple of other instances of misuse of material as well. William Henry ‘Revelations Radio’

Then talking about the shrill manipulative marketing strategies of Wilcox:

R.M: Remember that David Wilcox used the same methodology to get his book launched into the New York Times best seller list prior to it’s publication.  He spent the entire summer constantly funnelling information out, leaking material from the book and prompting his readers and listeners to pre-buy the book so that it would have a particular place on the New York Times Best Seller List at the time it was released.

W.H: Very clever marketing.

R.M: It’s very clever marketing.

Now that type of marketing mirrored what Whitley Strieber did with Solving The Communion Enigma tho’ of course it didn’t work. And if you have been following Strieber and Henry over the years you know that Strieber has been stealing Henry’s stuff (and everyone else’s) for ages and regurgitating it in his fact-fiction novels.  Personally I saw Henry’s show and particularly the bit about Wilcox, as an indirect critique of Whitley Strieber’s behaviour as a ‘funneller of other peoples ideas’ and a marketing shill.  But then Henry is trying to sell a book about Jesus Christ as a traveller through worm-holes so…..

You can measure the sincerity of various ‘internet’ players and the stupidity or otherwise of their followers by whether they parrot Strieber’s review of his own work.  Despite Strieber’s claims of ‘starvation’ he still has his radio show and the purveyors of pulp-fact-fiction will want to keep that connection alive for as long as possible.

There’s Paratopia who lap it all up in a sickening and constant display of arse-licking – makes me wonder whether they were funded by Strieber’s organisation in the beginning when they tried to buy Church of Mabus Radio.  Paratopia has a forum and after Strieber was on their show selling ENIgMA all the followers bent over backwards to praise the book.  Mind you out of, apparently, half a million listeners there are only a handful of forum posters – the same forum posters over and over again who do nothing but fawn and follow the party line – I have seen a few others try and say something different and promptly get savaged by Vaeni and Ritzmann and then booted off.  They’ll take your money sure, but after that shut the ****k up unless you have only praise for them.  These guys are definitely working for the ‘darkside’.

I saw another website Illuminosity (wellofhighstrangeness.blogger), praise ENIgMA and then die immediately afterwards.  There’s a connection there but I don’t know what yet.

And by the way, a sure sign of complete and utter bullshit and DANGER is when these idiots start pushing Guided Meditations.  Strieber does it (whilst selling exercises he stole from the Gurdjieff Foundation but has no mandate or qualification to teach – a move that clearly displays his lack of conscience and sincerity) of course, Wilcox does it, all the shills do it.  They all have no compunction whatsoever in getting into your head and Mindf*****g you. If anything is a sign of their contempt for their followers and their dark agenda ,‘guided meditations’ are it.












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