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New Green

Posted by lahar9jhadav on February 16, 2012

Goodness! Where does one begin?  There is just so much madness about that to stop and point at, describe, just one aspect of the multifariously faceted dark and dirty twinkling object is going to be tricky.  In other words, if you were going to remove all the negativity from the place it would be better to just reboot the whole thing –  there are too many weeds.  Best to just plough it all back into the soil.

Yeah, I’ve turned into one of those ‘greenies’ that thinks mankind is a waste of space, without distinction, and should be ‘harvested’ – for the benefit of the planet and it’s biosphere.  What’s more important, I ask myself – the Planet or a particularly virulent and parasitical species which seems to have no function, or has outlived it, or is so ‘broken’ that it cannot maintain it’s function anymore.

I vote for the Planet.

Think about it – we have discovered no other world, as yet, which offers such wonderful conditions for Life, or such abundance of life forms – such an interesting gene pool.  As far as we know, this Planet is the only one of it’s type.  And all is placed in jeopardy by one species: Homo Sapiens.

pinacle of perfection

The pinnacle of their inventiveness…what the billion years of evolutionary refinement has all been about…a Telephone that can download porn.  Gee really wonderful guys!

boogie-9de6dd947d759f8d658285d1aa5b7e59_hThe pinnacle of the species – the American Civilization.  In all it’s dull, tedious and narcissistic glory.

boogie-d7b447648b230f03ba6902d1aafe4c3b_hThe Ipod generation, the Internet generation.  Sitting on the shoulders of Giants this is what you have chosen to do with your gifts…

knife3Is this kid going to help the future of the planet?  Or just be a complete waste of air?

gang_tattoos_7sfwAnd finally the pinnacle of Creative Expression.  The Word the species will return to it’s Creator.

End of the Homo Sapiens.  A tragedy?

No. A blessing.


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