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is there life on earth, or are we just dreaming…


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who’s next

Posted by lahar9jhadav on February 18, 2012

whos next We’re not gonna take it…

da da da da da daaaah da

we’re not gonna take it…

da da da da da daaaah da

Yeah sure you will – what option do you have.

You will take it and enjoy it.

You’re programmed to.

And that’s all you are my friend – a response machine plugged into, and controlled by, Our Great Computer.

You sold your soul for rock and roll, marched along to the fanfare for the common man, were deluded by the rocket man and now it’s get ‘em out by friday and insert the next generation into the box.

Meet the new slave – same as the old slave.

When i was young and they packed me off to school i thought all the adults were mad – crazy stupid politicians, crazy stupid tv media and vulgar ignorant stupid people everywhere.

Looking out my back door now – it’s exactly the same but worse.  The teeth are whiter, the cars are newer, and america has a black president, but the sheer numbers have grown from 2 billion to 6 or whatever the rat race is scoring today.

See the picture?  Today those guys would have to crawl over a multitude to piss on that symbol of the mind numbing pressure to devolve into automata.

The concrete obelisk – emanating nothing, creating nothing, thinking nothing.

No consequences.  You can do what you want (what they want) forever and there will never come the time when the tide rushes in and washes all the sandcastles away.

Birth Consume Die  Birth Consume Die Birth Consume Die

From the Cradle to the Grave, no heaven and hell.

Just a sea of bland stretching out into the singularity a million years hence.

All things must pass, but this whimpering simpering slow decay, with brain function receding, is so anticlimactic.

But death happened long ago.  She came in through the bathroom window. What we see now is only the crime scene.  The ticker tape police parade of lifeless packaging cordoning off any escape routes.  The Lamb laid down in a magnetic field without any oxygen while we watched the changing of the guard.

The one trick pony destroyed the Garden, Graceland.

All that’s left is that mysterious humming that seems to be coming from the walls or the sofa or maybe the switched off tele-vision set.

Frame by frame, death by drowning in a sea of madness.  The Ship of fools burned the world.

The Poet and the painter cast shadows on the water but should I stand amid the breakers or should I lie with death my bride while the Neuro-surgeons scream for more at paranoia’s poison door.

Between the iron gates of fate, the seeds of time were sown, and watered by the deeds of those who know and who are known; knowledge is a deadly friend When no one sets the rules. The fate of all mankind I see is in the hands of fools..












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