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Posted by lahar9jhadav on March 10, 2012





This rare book is a classic in the field and filled with real insight  and knowledge. It has never been surpassed.

Sample chapter:-



It is hardly necessary to remind the reader that the Egyptians believed implicitly in the KA—which might be said to correspond to our conception of the “Astral Body." This KA was not the Soul of man, it must be understood, but its vehicle—just as the astral body is thought to be the vehicle of the mind and soul to-day. It was this KA which visited the mummified body from time to time, and was usually depicted as a sort of bird-like Double of the deceased. Many of the older Egyptian paintings show this. The wanderings and trials of the dead man in the Under World are described at great length in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and in other early writings.

"’Even more striking and important, from our point of view, however, is the recently translated Tibetan Book of the Dead, edited by Dr. W. Y. Evans-Wentz, and published by the Oxford University Press (I927). This work—the Bardo Thodol—was probably first committed to writing in the eighth century A.D., and embodied teachings much older. The manuscript from which the present translation is made is judged by experts to be between ISO and 200 years old. As the reader may have surmised, it deals with the same general topic as the earlier Egyptian work; but, from our modern point of view, is far more “rational," and many of its teachings correspond, in a remarkable way, with those of Occult and Psychical Science. A very brief summary of those portions of the book which deal more or less directly with our theme will doubtless prove of interest.

When a man is about to die, a Lama is called in, whose duty it is to attend to the dying man and usher him properly into the next world. The arteries on the sides of the neck are pressed. This is done to keep the dying person conscious, with the consciousness rightly directed. For the nature of the Death-consciousness determines the future state of the “soul-complex," existence being the continuous transformation of one conscious state to another. The pressing of the arteries regulates the path to be taken by the outgoing vital current (Prana). The proper path is that which passes through the Foramen of Monro. "If the expiration is about to cease, turn the dying one over on the right side, which posture is called the ‘Lying Posture of a Lion.’ The throbbing of the arteries (on the right and left sides of the throat) is to be pressed. If the person dying be disposed to sleep, or if the sleeping state advances, that should be arrested, and the arteries pressed gently but firmly. Thereby the vital force will not be able to return from the median nerve and will be sure to pass out through the Brahmanic aperture. Now the real setting face to face is to be applied. At this moment, the first glimpsing of the Bardo, of the Clear Light of Reality … is experienced by all sentient beings."

All the time the patient is dying, the Lama urges him to keep his mind tranquil and poised, so that he may see and enter into the Clear Light of Reality, and may not be troubled with hallucinations or “thought-forms" which have no objective existence, save in his own mind. The Lama superintends the whole process of the withdrawal of the astral body from the physical at death. "It is commonly held that the process (of separation) takes from three and one-half to four days, unless assisted by a priest called hpho-bo (pron. Pho-o), or ‘extractor-of-the-consciousness-principle’; and that, even if the priest be successful in the extracting, the deceased ordinarily does not wake up to the fact of being separated from the human body until the said period of time has elapsed,"

If the mind of the dying person has not been properly concentrated upon the Clear Light, he is liable to see scores of devils and demons of all sorts I But it is emphasized over and over again in the book, that these demons have no actual, objective existence: they are merely hallucinations, or "thought-forms," having no actuality, save in the mind of the seer. They are all purely symbolical. The mind is capable of manufacturing these, or creating them, just as we do every night in our dreams. He must clear his way through these into the Clear Light of the Void. The sooner he can do this, the sooner is "liberation" attained.

The teachings concerning the astral body are very clear and concise: "When thou wert recovered from the swoon (of death) thy Knower must have risen up in its primordial condition and as a radiant body, resembling the former body, must have sprung forth … It is called the desire-body …. The Bardo-body hath been spoken of as ‘endowed with all sense-faculties.’ . . . Unimpeded motion implyeth that thy present body being only a desire body is not a body of gross matter…. Thou art actually endowed with the power of miraculous motion…. Ceaselessly and involuntarily wilt thou be wandering about. To all those who are weeping (thou shalt say) ‘Here I am, weep not.’ But they not hearing thee, thou wilt think, ‘I am dead!’ And again, at that time, thou wilt be feeling very miserable. Be not miserable in that way…. There will be a grey, twilight-like light, both by night and by day, and at all times…. Even though thou seekest a body, thou wilt gain nothing but trouble. Put aside the desire for a body; and permit thy mind to abide in the state of resignation, and act so as to abide therein…. These are the indications of the wandering about on the Sidpa Bardo of the mental body. At the time, happiness and misery will depend upon Karma …”

Much has been written, in the past, concerning the Astral Body—mostly in books devoted to "Magic" and "Occultism." I believe that I have gone through the majority of such works carefully, in my endeavour to find some practical information bearing upon this question, but with little result. Thus, there are numerous references to the astral body in e.g. Eliphas Levi’s Doctrine and Ritual of Magic, in his "Key of the Mysteries" (published in The Equinox, Vol. X); in A. E. Waite’s Mysteries of Magic, and his Occult Sciences; in Dr. Franz Hartmann’s Magic, White and Black, and in the various writings of Paracelsus. In the older works upon Sorcery and Witchcraft there are, of course, frequent allusions to astral projection. Theosophical literature is full of this subject, but even here I have been unable to find anywhere precise information—any practical instructions as to how the projection of the astral body is to be accomplished. This is true not only of the older works, such as Leadbeater’s The Astral Plane, and Annie Besant’s Man and Ms Bodies, but also the newer and more voluminous treatises, such as those of Major Arthur E. Powell—The Etheric Double, The Astral Body, The Mental Body, etc. In all these books, much theoretical information is given (of course, from the strictly Theosophical point of view) but very little practical advice. The same criticism applies to D’Assier’s book Posthumous Humanity: A Study of Phantoms. Some interesting spontaneous experiences are given in Little Journeys into the Invisible: A Woman’s Actual Experiences in the Fourth Dimension, by M.Gifford Shine; Some Occult Experiences, by Johan. van Manen; My Travels in the Spirit World, by Caroline D. Larsen, and in other books of the kind; while some curious lore of a general nature is contained in The Astral Light, by "Nizida." An interesting historic study of this subject is given in G. R. S. Mead’s Doctrine of the Subtle Body in Western Tradition, in which he summarizes the views of the early Fathers, as well as the later conceptions. Charles Hallock’s book Luminous Bodies: Here and Hereafter, contains little to the point. Occasional references to what Mr. Myers (in his Human Personality) called "Self Projection" may be found scattered through the Journals and Proceedings of the S.P.R., and the very striking case of Dr. Wiltse (Proceedings, VIII, pp. I80-I94) is, of course, classical. The case of the Rev. L. J. Bertrand (pp. I94-200) is also of considerable interest; while the same may be said of the case recorded by Dr. I. K. Funk, in his Psychic Riddle, pp. I79-I85. Mr. A. Campbell Hohnes has some remarks upon "The Double" in his Facts of Psychic Science and Philosophy, while I have devoted chapters to the subject in my Modern Psychical Phenomena, and Higher Psychical Development. Several years ago, Mr. Prescot Hall published in the Journal of the A.S.P.R. a number of "communications” of considerable interest, which he had received regarding the astral body through the instrumentality of a blind medium. Their value, of course, depends altogether upon the authenticity of their source.

This is practically all the published material which I have been enabled to find relative to the astral body and its projection, with the exception of Mr. Oliver Fox’s articles in the Occult Review, to be quoted presently, and two books in French. These are: Le Fantéme des Vivants, by H. Durville, and Methode de Deboublement Personnel (Exterioration de la Neuricite: Sorties en Astral), by M. Charles Lancelin. These will be quoted and referred to more fully later on. But, as I have said, with these exceptions, I have found practically nothing of value in the entire literature of the subject; and this criticism is especially true when we come to the most important and central theme of all, viz. how to project the astral body experimentally and retain consciousness within it. Upon this vital theme our authorities are especially silent!

It is just here that Mr. Muldoon is most explicit. He explains in the greatest detail just how the projection of the astral body is to be effected, and he describes precisely what takes place in the subject’s mind and body during such a projection—together with many other details connected with the process. Any impartial reader will agree, I think, with the conclusion that it would be impossible for Mr. Muldoon to have written as he has—to have acquired this knowledge—without in some sense experiencing what he claims to have experienced. His reading upon the subject has been very scant; his contact with anyone liable to possess even a tithe of this information is next to impossible—when we take into account the fact that he lives in an obscure village in the Middle West. No; his knowledge has been gained at first-hand, and as the result of actual experimentation; that is very evident. How such information could have been acquired—had he not actually undergone these experiences—I leave it for the reader to decide.


Existence of the Astral Body long known—My first conscious projection
Astral catalepsy—Types of projection—Astral somnambulism—Conscious interruptions during astral somnambulism—Distant point projection—The phantom’s three moving speeds—Morbidity an incentive to projection—Instantaneous astral exteriorization—An ephemeral conscious projection experience—Instantaneous projection is not uncommon—Collision may cause astral exteriorization—A projection caused by a mis-step—The fundamental law of astral projection—Intentional and unintentional projection both result from the same causes—Meaning of physical "incapacity"—Where and what is the conscious mind? —The hypnagogic state, neurosis and sleep—Sensation and emotion at different stages of exteriorization
Route the phantom travels in projection—Some symptoms of astral exteriorization—The astral cable—Cord-activity range—An interiorization caused by a noise—Repercussion of the astral body
Typical "projection" dreams—How I discovered the cause of many falling dreams—Types of "falls" or interiorizations—The causes of the different "falls"—How to break the repercussion in a falling dream— Types of flying dreams— The flapping dream __ Head-thumping dream—Dream of moving toward a phantasmal object—Dream delusions.
Effect of instability—Eccentricities of the senses—Duplicate sense of touch—Phantom can pass through needle-points without feeling—Delusions of the senses during the hypnotic trance—Duplicate sensibility and obsession—The case of "89 "—The painful bayonet case—Duplicate and shifting motivity—A " rap" produced at will, during exteriorization of motivity.
The purpose of sleep—Dream control—Subjects of " nervous temperament " are best suited for psychic experiments—When outside cord-activity range the phantom is free—Prolonged projection—The projector cannot get lost—How the physical is recharged during projection—Not dead but sleeping! —The astral cable is akin to the umbilical cord
Where the astral "line of force" makes contact with the bodies—Turning over in the air—The four brains of man—The pineal gland— The pituitary body— The Cosmic energy—Doctor Lindlahr’s views on energy—Foods, fasting and psychic development—Fasting increases the inflow of Cosmic energy—How fasting aids astral projection—Consciousness uses up energy!
ConsciousneSs during astral projection—A "dreaming-true" experience —Awakened in the astral by a "noise" —The dream world—The "dream-control" method of projection—The proper dream will always project the phantom—Summary of the dream-control method—Bringing consciousness to the dream body
The factors which stimulate the subconscious Will to action—How I discovered that" desire" is an activating factor—The action of the unconscious phantom is governed by the "stress" —Sexual desire is a negative factor—Phantom projects more easily to a familiar place—Projecting from an unfamiliar to a familiar placePhantoms of the dead are often dominated by the "stress" of desire or habit—The unconscious phantom sometimes moves material objects—A "haunter" under the stress of a desirable habit—An early morning "haunter "—The factor" enervation"
Determining the proper" stress" to use in developing—Incapacity __ the fundamental difference between astral projection and physical somnambulism—An astral projection which was caused by thirst—A physical sOmnambulation which was caused by thirst __ How I discovered that incapacity is an important factor—Some positive minor factors—Repercussion noises— "Light" a negative factor— An interiorization caused by excess light—Telepathic repercussion
How to induce "incapacity" —Developing a consciousness of Self-Dynamization of projection—What is "will" ?—Typical dreams of projection—How to instil the stress of routine—How to instil the stress of thirst—Projecting to water
Conscious projection is rare—The passive Will—Inducing projection by the passive Will method—The results produced by dynamization of projection—Some typical projections
The crypto-conscious mind—Crypto-conscious manifestations often credited to phantoms of the dead—The various ways in which the mind functions—A superconscious projection—Automatic projection—A horrible experience—Why victims of violent death re-enact their death in the astral body—The case of Irene.
The crypto-conscious mind and telekinesis—An astral projection in which I moved a physical object— "Raps" produced during a dream—The sex of the astral body—Inter-relation of the physical and astral counterparts—Composition of the astral body—Calculated weight of the astral body—The clothing of the phantom— "As a man thinketh" —Purgatory—Thought sustains the astral body—Earthbound phantoms not numerous—An encounter with an astral fiend.
Obsession—The Akashic Records— Enacting future events in the dream body—Many clairvoyant dreams are mistaken for astral projections —Dream consciousness is not the real consciousness—Death is merely a permanent projection.
Projection during the sleep of anaesthesia — A peculiar dream — There may be other methods — A prophecy — All possess the powers of projection — Concerning morals — The demon theory — Conclusion.

includes illustrations

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