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Whitley’s at it again…

Posted by lahar9jhadav on July 22, 2012


(1) A man ascribes to himself what he does not possess.
(2) Lying kills Essence.


Just listened to the latest Whitley Strieber ‘Dreamland’ podcast: yes i’m a glutton for punishment.

Goodness me, this man strieber is such an irrelevant bore… what with his constant chasing after attention, his inability to be sincere and his wannabe ‘enlightened-elder-brother-adept’ idea of himself.  He swapped Work for day-dreams, decades ago.

Strieber is an effing  idiot, seems to have no idea that he is, and does it out in public!  He doesn’t even bother to hide behind his firewall of ‘subsciber content only’.  No, he desperately wants everyone to know that he is

 s   p   e   c   i   a   l

and a precious asset to the human race….


He kept telling us, in the podcast (and on line) that he is ‘a New Man’: and that his ‘visitors’ are back in his life, like the old days, but now it’s all at a higher level (and they are definitely not, and never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever were aliens of any description, noooooo it’s much more deeeeeeeeepeeeeeeeer than that says the Whitless Strieber). Then proceeds to ask the dumbest, lamest, most irrelevant questions in his interview with whoever it was…oh that’s right some amazingly expert gnostic person who pattered out the usual simplistic distortions and personal admixtures that abound in these areas.  Mind you he was trying to politely accommodate Strieber’s need for confirmation: it’s am opportunity for the guy to sell his gnostic book after all.

And Ha hahahahahahaha  Strieber’s going on about Dragons!!!  Ha ha ha…he had a dream with some dragons in it apparently (after no doubt reading about them in a book), and now assures us that the planet is awash with this type of ‘symbolism’ in our skies!  If it happened to him (in his dreams) then IT MUST BE IMPORTANT! (in strident Nazi accent) and OMEN-ous for everyone.

It’s the dawn of a new era i guess.  Hale Bopp has gone, the Drones have gone and now it’s DRAGONS!!!!

Then it’s time for a commercial-break in the podcast and Whitley is selling some ‘new’ piece of garbage, masquerading as a ‘novel’, and then more commercial breaks with the idiot begging for money because WE NEED HIM!!!!!!!

If you have been following my series of ‘blogs’ on that contemptuous little ‘slug’ Strieber then you will know that i have predicted his future trajectory (i.e. the twists and turns his ‘story’ will go as he eventually reaches the point where he will out himself by recanting his whole story).  He is now at the, ‘it’s all at the ‘energetic level’ phase, i.e. he is telling his cult followers that his experiences were never physical.

Yeah… sure Whitley… you are a ‘New Man’.

And at the end of the podcast, Whitley again falls over his own big mouth when he tells us that isn’t it interesting that his podcast’s name is DREAMLAND because that’s what it’s all about: DREAMS.  {You know how the story goes…”well i was asleep in bed and then suddenly…….”)

To think! Bed as the field of ENLIGHTENMENT!


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