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Posted by lahar9jhadav on August 21, 2012


i surf the net – i stick in key words and see where it goes. usually i’m looking for ‘radical’ art stuff, modern art, interesting graphics etc.,

ymag2so i came upon this graphic which came from a magazine which you can download from this site. i had a look around and tried some of their links and eventually got a youtube clip with someone telling their story of being a ‘mind control’ MILAB experiment.  The clip was put out by something called ‘BASE’. The ‘someone’ was called ‘Sarah Stanga’.

here is the text which accompanies the video…

In what is the most traumatic and highly disturbing BASES to date, we introduce Sarah Stanga, who came to The AMMACH Project for help.

AMMACH Project Conference is on Aug31st,Sept 2nd 2012 Britannia Hotel Nottingham

She has compiled a series of long blogs, parts of which are included in this major 4 hour interview in 2 parts.

The subject matter involves ritual child abuse, Shadow Beings (NOT ETs) US, UK & German Military, MILABs, training very young children in psychic warfare.

This further connects Shadow beings,which are known for their involvement in Crop Circles, Circlemakers, UFOs, Greys and UK military.

10ft tall German "Non Humans", in German Castles, Greys, at MILAB BASES IN THE UK, All material alluded to in Bases One, by Barry King.

James Casbolt is mentioned, in one of these groups, as Sarah describes her life from a very early age and alluded to in her Blog.

Now she is being "Gang Stalked"

Highly disturbing material.

Stanga independently detected much of the material sourced and researched at a major West London broadcaster, so accurately, she was initially thought of as a "company" plant, to discredit the investigation.


Chris Thomas (Bases 8) has described her as a "VELON" threat. So this material may have a secondary motive.

This is testimony, and no actual evidence is provided, so caution is advised. Apologies for multiple questions. Time was short.

Now, if you are like me, the various ‘technical terms’  above, and the whole story in the video, will seem just like made up, off the cuff gobbledygook, but actually they are part of a GENRE, structured and contained, which has a large bunch of people plugged into it.  the video for example is, in part, an interview where the interviewer is very serious and seems to know what’s going on…and then you notice that there are a lot of other videos from this “base’ thing about the same sort of stuff.

At first i thought it was all some sort of Dadaist event… but no, it was ‘real’: the interviewer was serious, the woman was serious.  Ok, the woman must be in need of psychiatry – her personal blogs which are included in the video definitely point to this – but she showed no obvious signs of schizophrenia. But what do i know – not much.

So, on face value, these people on the video are taking it all seriously and as a real reality. But it’s a real time, real world, virtual reality ‘game’.

Why does this stuff happen? Why do these people do this stuff? Think this stuff? Believe this stuff? Live this stuff?









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