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A MARTIAN NEVER FAILS- Cora Hatch/Richmond, pythoness

Posted by lahar9jhadav on February 11, 2013

cora hatchfrom MY EXPERIENCES WHILE OUT OF THE BODY, by Cora Richmond, written circa 1915, published 1923…

“”The dazzling Line of Light perceived, revealed a life embodied in Earth form for a particular Work, it was a message from an Angel of MARS, to one (also from MARS, thus embodied, Angels of Earth are made participants in such messages and work, when they are prepared and appointed by the higher ones to aid that work; but if Angels of Earth are not ready and have no part in the work they may not even know the message is Sent. (So explained the Angel Guide) ‘that which one might, if aided, perceive as “light”, to those in this Realm who are chosen for the work would be the Message–the communication.”

Higher and still Higher; Inner and still more Inner; Resplendence crowning Resplendence! If human vision falls and fails before the’ noonday brightness of the sun of our Solar System, what must befall even the Innermost perception when such All Glorious states of Being are even partly revealed? How more than doubly futile any attempt at portraying the added glory of those more perfect states! What language, what thought can reveal those Celestial Beings who were moving upon Angelic states of Earth, and upon a mighty Life on Earth for a mighty Work?

“No human Spirit, whether embodied or in spirit states of Earth, can be made to know (understand) the states of those in spirit or Angel spheres of planets more advanced than Earth; even MARS, next in the order of planets (from the sun) beyond Earth is so superior in Spiritual unfoldment that only the highest Angels of Earth can perceive and receive somewhat of the ministrations from that Realm. There are no terms yet existing in the continually increasing Vocabulary of Earth Scientists to express even the material conditions of that planet, much less are there words thoughts or mental perceptions capable of conveying or even imagining the spirit and angel states of the higher planets beyond the orbit of Mars.”

(Even as I write these feeble words, the brilliant radiance of Jupiter is gleaming in the sky–and over the south-eastern horizon Sirius–that distant sun of splendor glows and scintillates with such radiance that one trembles to even dream what are the Kingdoms of Divine Intelligences associated with those higher planets—and still higher; those far distant Suns that can transform even the sky of earthly vision into such a dome of Wonder!) The Angel Guide had said, and the teaching had been previously given, that the chosen (prepared) Angels of Earth may know the import of the message that some messenger from Mars gives to Earth when there is need and preparation on Earth for the message to be given. Sometimes, during a rare period like that herein seen, such a messenger visits the Earth in human guise.”

“We have no key in mortal life to reveal the personality of the messenger from Mars who may be in our midst, but the (shaft of) “light” that was shown in this vision was so unlike that of any of the Angels of Earth; scintillating, flashing, gleaming in the dim night of Earth’s beclouded spiritual atmosphere such resplendence as seems to belong to the planet itself when seen through the clearest physical atmosphere that Earth ever knows. Such was that line of light shown in this overwhelming vision connecting One on Earth with One in the Martian Spheres. “A Martian is embodied in Earth form at the present time. No human being, no Spirit of Earth, none but the Angels who are aiding in the work being performed by that VISITANT FROM MARS can know the personality of that one, nor can they know the work being accomplished. A group of Earth’s Angels who are aiding in that work are also in human forms. They are linked with the Higher Angels in Earth’s Celestial Kingdom and receive the messages that are to bear forward the work.”


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