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The Photon Belt Alcyone Saga 3: PAUL OTTO HESSE

digitalseanceAll the photon belt prophecies quote the work of one, PAUL OTTO HESSE.  This is because, of course, all the authors are regurgitating from the original source.

Paul Otto Hesse is always described as an astronomer (as in the original source material by Shirley Kemp), however my understanding is that this is not the case- Paul Otto Hesse was a medium who wrote a book, in german, called “The Shortest Day” {Der Jüngste Tag} in the fifties, where he describes what is later used as the foundation of the Photon Belt prophecies.

Paul Otto Hesse was a German esotericist, whose claimed profession was an oberingenieur (senior engineer). He died on Dec. 30, 1958 in Berlin, Germany.

In the 1950s his address was Westfaelische Strasse 58, Berlin-Halensee ( in the Borough of Charlottenburg ), Berlin, Germany.

Hesse completed the manuscript of Der Jüngste Tag during Easter, 1949, and it appears the first edition of the book was actually published in 1950, since the copyright date of the first edition is given as 1950.

The first edition of Der Jüngste Tag was published by Verlag ‘Die Arve’ in Switzerland.

In addition to his book Der Jüngste Tag ( First Edition, 1950), Paul Otto Hesse also published a book about the mathematical/metaphysical problem known as the “squaring of the circle,” and how the principles involved in the “squaring of the circle” were utilized in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Cheops at Cairo, Egypt. Hesse self-published this book at Berlin in 1953.









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