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Posted by lahar9jhadav on October 3, 2013

Timothy Good is a well known UFO researcher of longstanding. He is generally thought of as an honest and balanced reporter of the ufological. However, in the past week or so he has, in an interview on the UK based internet-radio show The Unexplained hosted by Howard Hughes, he spoke of his total belief in Alien Abductions and their program of creating Alien-Human Hybrids, and his great respect for the chief proponent, over many years, of this idea, Dr. David Jacobs, who we are told is about to do a big conference in the U.K.

Now, one of the most widespread events of the last few years, in the ufological world at least, has been the unfrocking of Dr. David Jacobs and indeed the whole UFO ABDUCTION RESEARCH field.

David Jacobs, high priest of Ufo Abduction and Hybrid lore, was unfrocked, as I said, through a research case of his with a person called pseudonymously, Emma Woods. Ms. Woods kept a complete record (available on the net freely) of all her dealings with Jacobs, including tape recordings of all her ‘hypnotic regression sessions’ with Jacobs, which he conducted over the phone with her. The two had never met in real life, face to face. Emma Woods’ record shows Jacobs as a highly paranoid, manipulative individual and his research methods as fundamentally flawed, reckless, insidious and depraved. His conclusions based on all that are therefore worse than useless.

The Emma Woods case, and her material, are commonly known and widely available on the net. There have been many articles and podcasts analysing the material.

Timothy Good therefore has made a bold statement that he respects, (a.) The research of David Jacobs and, (b.) The man himself.

This attitude generally flies in the face of the now almost consensus view of Dr. David Jacobs.

In the face of this strange publicly stated attitude of Timothy Good I went back and listened to an early interview on the BBC when he released his book, Alien Liaison The Ultimate Secret back in 1991 and was spruiking it.

He was introduced as ‘not a crank, not a sensation seeker’, but all that follows shows, to me at least, distinctly that he is a crank and sensation seeker, and spinning almost every one of his sources. Referring to Bob Lazar as a ‘physicist’ and using him as a serious source, saying that Lazar’s security clearance was 38 levels above Top Secret; Using the infamous TV SHOW featuring the so called CIA whistleblowers with bird name designations who delivered the whole plethora of hoaxed disinfo that was all the rage in the 1980’s as a serious source of truth, and yet long debunked and long forgotten except by those who wish to sell books based on sensationalism and unproven conspiracies.

Good also went on about the so called Cattle Mutilations in the US in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, in the tens of thousands he says. That research was done by Linda Moulton-Howe, the same person who has also tried to sell the reality of the DRONE HOAX, ALIEN TECHNOLOGY in the form of massive PYRMAIDS buried underneath the tundra in ALASKA, and tons and tons of other absolute guff.

Timothy also went on at length about Jesus being an alien…

Timothy Good also uses the old stalwart of spinning researchers, the UNAMED INSIDER SOURCE, ‘my sources’ he calls them.

Remember Good was the first one who released the Majestic Documents publicly. But he has never named his source for that material. I wonder why not, NOT!

At present, and for some time, Good has been seriously selling the Alien Doctor Abductors Creating Hybrids To Take Over The World Scenario. Which is about as far as you can go in the sensation-seeker stakes.

Now, Timothy must know the controversy which now surrounds David Jacobs and the whole Alien Abduction field, including the research of the late Bud Hopkins. So for him to align himself with all that, and particularly David Jacobs, shows an active agenda and not just some mistaken personal analysis of the situation.

One last thing, in the early BBC interview GOOD is very fulsome, very passionate. In his latest interview on THE UNEXPLAINED he is stilted, giving short two word answers and very unforthcoming. Perhaps he too has stopped believing in his own tales.

And then I thought about Richard Dolan… and how he and Good are so, soooo, similar… in what they do. Mmmm.

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