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Posted by lahar9jhadav on October 19, 2012

Free ebooks are wonderful aren’t they.  The way you download them and they are free.  Free download ebooks are really really good.

No they’re not – they are badly transcribed and ugly distortions created by robot machines who are out to destroy whatever cultural ark we may yet still have which might carry us across the coming abyss into a new future of freedom love and kindness.

We must ‘fight back’ my friends.  We must not sit idly by and watch these illuminati robots lead us like sheep into their concentration camps of unending superficiality and regurgitated distorted useless thoughts.  They wish to control us, exploit us, hypnotise us.  They are not our liberation, they are our doom.

Yes we must fight back, right now, by….

buying a real book by a real living human writer-person



“In a room that exists against a backdrop of uncertainty, we meet Pierre, an idiosyncratic playwright, Laurent, a failed academic and logician, and Samuel, their long suffering friend. The three companions are trying to determine their place in the logical flow of things while navigating the murky waters of friendship, philosophy and the postal service. They are almost certain that they received a letter, of some shape, form or description, although nothing is certain. Some things are almost certain, although some would argue that by definition that is necessarily false. If only there was some way to tell for certain whether or not a letter has arrived? There ought to be one. They might have a fish for dinner.”

See the vid for more information…









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