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You Rotten Little Robots

Posted by lahar9jhadav on March 16, 2014

God you should listen to whining i get from here…strange people emailing me about slander and libel, for other people!!! Like last week i got an email from my blog wanting me to take down a 6 year old pdf commenting in a rather funny way about an individual in terms of Gnostic Philosophy.

Then the person slandered me! SO typical that they can see only their own point of view.

The NEW LAWYER WATCHING FOR CAR ACCIDENTS, now it’s watching for internet libel or slander.  A whole new world, protecting the rising scum.

Does the world really need more puppets who go along, for money, with the consensus lie that no one with any brain believes?

Once you have one on your back, it’s never over.  You become their target, their food court, their endless feast…

Dear writer of pdf email, the person you slander and libel will always be a better person than you, they are original and try to be honest, you on the other hand just blather bubbles of spittle and vexatious nonsense.



















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