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the general theory of relativity

Posted by lahar9jhadav on January 22, 2013

image Imagine a world like ours, except with a thousand years of peace and co-operation: A technologically developed society, medically advanced and with equality for all. Imagine another 1,000 years of this ‘bliss’: technology in every area advancing, but socially and politically things have reached a plateau.  It’s a  type of utopia, except that meaning has become minimised — where the individual has become more of a unit than a person, and society itself has become a monoculture with the only meaning being derived from the technological development.

Let’s be concise: this world lacks imagination. 

But! Something begins to stir, an urge to explore then an obsession with the answer to the question, “are we alone”.  Eventually the vast proportion of all technological development is geared towards the Mission of Exploration: to explore with transspace ships for other worlds, life and other civilizations.  Five hundred years go by, but they are ready to begin finally – the ships are fast, but of course sub-light speed, and so the mission will take decades, perhaps lifetimes.  These ships are huge and contain everything needed to sustain life indefinitely.  It’s a small world.

The Ships travel for centuries and, eventually finds a World, through long range ‘scans’, with Life!  In fact, it has a Civilization!

The World-ship sends out faster moving smaller vessels with small teams in each to the New World; an advanced ‘scouting’ and reconnaissance mission if you like.  In 22 years they arrive in the vicinity of this New World, and begin their strategy.  They set up a base of operations upon an uninhabited planet nearby in the solar system.  They build their life support systems, and then their communications systems, and then their observation systems, then their data collection systems.

A flow of information begins between the solar system bases and the World Ship, separated by many light years. 

The first descents of the explorers, upon the surface of their discovered New World, begin.  These descents were very clandestine, very secret and very dangerous missions. They were, if you like, behind enemy lines an enemy that they did not know hardly at all.  This civilization had not developed technologically at all, there were no streaming information systems around the planet, no transmissions of any kind.  All information, in the early days, had to be attained by actual, physical descents. Probes were used at first, sent down to sample the atmosphere, oceans, flora, fauna.

Then there came the first ‘manned descents’.  Furtive, experimental, secretive. There were a few missteps, close-calls when they had been observed by some of the people of this New World, even a few moments of accidental closer contact. Things, though, moved into a phase of quiet efficiency. The New World turned and the explorers watched, and continued to ‘colonise’ the solar system, building bases and platforms in various locations, including the small moon which orbited their New World: it had a peculiar orbit in relation to it’s ‘mother planet’ – it always showed the same face to it’s planet.  Thus the explorers built a base on the, what is called in the New World, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’.

And, because the level of development allowed it, bases were eventually built upon the New World itself, in secret, wild and isolated spots, well away from the New Worldians.

As the years passed, there had come to be a small, in overall percentage terms, ongoing ‘contact’ between the explorers and some few New Worldians. Bonds were forged, even love.

Things began to speed up.  This warring planet had begun to develop technology and the ability to build technological devices on a much bigger scale, and indeed greater wars came.

The explorers over their time on the New World had become adjusted to the requirement for mobility concerning their planetary bases, but as time went on the New Worldians began to develop flying machines and weaponry which created more of a problem for the explorers.  They began to remove themselves almost completely from the surface of the New World.  It was during this process that one of the manned planetary ‘scout ships’ with its crew crash landed in a ‘remote’ location. Nothing too serious except that they were seen and tracked and were now the object of a lot of attention from the military and even civil authorities of the country in which the landing had taken place. Due to circumstances the military arrived first at the scene. The explorer crew had sent most of their ship into the atmosphere by remote control, and had departed the scene in safety.  Some debris remained and was taken by the authorities.

But this changed everything for the NewWorldians.  They knew that there had been a crash landing of some type of air ship.  They knew that the debris they had was very peculiar.  They knew that the crashed ship was unlike anything they had seen in any country’s armada. They knew that the ‘owners’ of this device were incredibly capable of being undetected by them.  Whoever ‘they’ were ‘they’ was a force to be reckoned with.

Then came the planetary conflagration when the entire NewWorld became a brutal Dantesque killing field soaked in the blood of a 100,000,000 people.

And in the process the planetary civilization became a technological civilization based upon weaponry and war.

The Explorers lamented their NewWorld’s fate.

They decided to act.  They sent emissaries. Which eventually made contact with certain world leaders.  The Earth leader’s wanted technology and greater weaponry.  The explorers said they could not offer that type of help, but that could help by ‘changing the minds’ of those who were gripped in the madness of the war.  They said that they could, through ‘spiritual technology’,  actually destroy the madness in the mind of man and that the war would then end because there would be no one to fight it.  This offer was dismissed as useless by the World Leader’s involved.  They were angry at the Explorers for ‘withholding’ technology which they thought would be decisive in winning the war.  The Explorers withheld nothing: they had no offensive technology as such.  They could build something on commission per se, but that they would not do.  The Explorers then became ‘an enemy’.

From the point of view of the explorers the brutality they saw in the NewWorldians precluded any sort of open contact with the NewWorld Leaders, this because they knew most of the secrets of the political and military world and hardly any government was untainted.  The Explorers did, however, stay put in one location, almost in defiance.  The government of this area also felt a progressive urge to allow the Explorers to be there in peace. And they are still there, if in ‘spirit’ only.

The WorldShip is set to arrive in the vicinity of the NewWorld in the coming future.

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