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The Contactess Were Right!

Posted by lahar9jhadav on July 22, 2012

Firstly, let us remember, just as for-instances some spectacular and irrefutable events where there are a mass of confirmatory sightings of ‘Flying Saucers” or “Ufo’s”…

Now- Forget about the ‘greys’, the ‘talls’, the ‘paideans’, Ashtar and all the rest: they are all figments of the imaginations of their authors, and regurgitation and elaboration by those who followed.

The humand mind abhors a ‘vacuum’ (i know, hard to believe)- so to fill out empty spaces the contrived archetypical ‘gestalt’ is evoked- whether aliens, angels, demons, illuminati- whatever. It is unfortunate that so many have had the ‘leisure’ time to be able to write down their fantasies and others the inclination to digest it. Then as a virus it spreads and infects.

The problem with the UFO is that it was quickly taken over by remnants of Spiritualism, Theosophy, Thelema, Hermetics and other incomplete and half understood pseudo-esoteric or esoteric systems. Much of the material that is today “offered” as the substance of so-called Contact is nothing more than the imaginative ramblings egendered through such inventions as Automatic Writing or Channeling and, just as in the story of Spiritualism, once someone gives ‘permission’ for others to follow then everyone gets in on the ‘act’ and suddenly becomes a “channel”- thus the plethora of “Imminent Landings” and “Ascension” material which has become such a plague.

The Abduction authors who have promulgated this archetype are of the same ilk, though their antecedents are somewhat different than those of the early contactees or the ‘ascension’ crowd. Whitley Strieber for example was studying the Gurdjieff Work just prior to his “opening” by his Grays- and in Communion his pyschological analysis is 80% coloured by Gurdjieff’s teachings which is the only thing that gives the book any resonance, intelligence or gravitas- the rest comes from the usual ‘low’ places.

The fundamentals are the same, relatively, however for all the players in the ‘field’ – they seem to know so much but at the same time all have offered startlingly ridiculous ‘prophetic’ warnings which have, of course, proven to be time and time again sheer nonsense. I remember vividly Whitley Streiber, for example again, pronouncing the imminent arrival of millions of ships under the cover of what mainstream astronomy described as a comet, Hale Bopp. World wide channeling by the “experts” confirmed the Companion and the mass of ships and even “leaks’ by Vatican sanctioned astronomers were used as confirmation.

My own predicition at the time was that they were all deluded as usual and that nothing whatsoever would occur. I have made many predicitons such as this and so far my success rate is 100%. Perhaps I know more than these so called experts. But how could I? I haven’t written books on the subject, I am not a lecturer at UFO conferences, am not on radio interview shows, am not famous. Oh yeah, and I’ve had more contact with the phenomenon than probably 99% of the experts.

So, whatever these “experts” do Know, (with a big ‘K’) it is so incomplete as to render them almost as confused as anyone else, and yet they write so many books! author dvd’s! and lecture away with such aplomb, barely rasing a sweat! How many times have I heard the argument against ‘fakery’ being something along the lines of, “But what do they have to gain from these ‘tall tales’ , except ridicule”? I have even seen Whitley Strieber whine about how devasted his financial position became after he finally, and publicly ‘debuted’ Communion. Yeah sure, I came down in the last shower. Look, what is “in it” for these “experts” is the same as anywhere else on this planet- Financial gain, Fame and publicity, a career as an ‘expert’. It is simply a fabrication to suggest that there is no money or even social gain in UFO’s or Contact stories. And apart from that humans, as we should all know by now, have a definite predelection towards leading others up the proverbial garden path- they lie, it’s in their make up- they can’t help themselves.

But as in all good disinformation the bullshit is generated by something real- maybe even a siginificant event personally experienced, but probably mostly plagiarised from other sources. Adamski may have had some sort of real contact, some real experience- but whatever it was it certainly had nothing to do with the simplistic and degenerating tale he weaved throughout his career as number one Contactee- the stories of his trips to other inhabited planets of our solar system are absurd…and yet the message of his space friends concerning the dire consequences of our way of life we now can see as correct. Nuclear proliferation, pollution, greed, war.

We now ‘know’ or have chosen to acknowledge, the dramatic climatological crises that we and our homeworld faces- due to humanity’s design and use of energy we are faced with a increasingly threatening future, in fact humanity’s very survival as a species is at risk.

Funnily enough this entire scenario was predicted as early as the 1920’s, and then in the forties and fifties by so called Alien Vistors, through the medium of what has come to be known as UFO Contactees. If we had listened way back then, would we be in the mess we are in now?

As an aside, there has always been a rumour that a group of certain extraterrestrials did in fact meet with the President of the United States in the 1950’s and offered help and guidance, they warned of coming climactic and catostrophic dangers that may be ahead. This help was rejected because it didn’t involve the handing over of a wishlist of US/MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL technology. No, the ‘aliens’ offered only ‘spiritual technology’…to the military that was like offering a dinner of raw vegetables to a steak addict. This rumoured ‘meeting’ has some tantalizing tit-bits of almost-confirmation in the form of some documentation as to where the President was at the supposed time of the Event and also a document from one of the participants in the meeting, who sent a letter about it to a friend. The letter came first, then investigation into the President’s whereabouts on the day in question seemed to confirm it, in the usual ‘mysterious’ way that anything is confirmed in this area.

SO, we have had no mass landings….and no attacking hoards of aliens, and yet they have been in our skies for decades, and have made many attempts to show themselves in mass sightings which could not be refuted…they have made their presence known at Nuclear Missile Silos….they have flown around NASA launched missions. “They” obviously have a sense of humour, and mission: but above all there is consideration- for our politics, our culture and our level of awareness.

Many have written about ‘contact’ with these so called ‘higher intelligences’, and personally they all sound derivitive and mostly plain stupid. But what about the ‘countless’ who have not written about their experiences? The trouble here however, is in ‘contamination’ from what is out in the public domain- and we are all conditioned by our environment and culture, but still there are, must be, at least some individuals who have been able to move through the experience of ‘contact’ with some objectivity, a minimal amount of ‘contamination’, and then without the urge or ‘need’ to prosetylise the experience with the usual corruption.

The basic process is this: there is contact (which is remembered consciously) with the phenomenon when young- usually this experience comes in the form of a puzzling event, vivid enough to be Remembered by the more conscious parts of the self or brain. Along with this personal ‘event’ there is/are usually co-relational events in the environment of the individual, such as a series of sightings, earth movements, crop circles and so on. For example here is an ‘event’ which was shared with me by someone I have complete trust in.

This person has had a memory, their first memory, of being in their cot as a child, in the semi darkness and alone, they were standing holding the bars of the cost and in the midst of some sort of earth tremour.

Not remarkable at all, really- except when one considers the details- where were the adults, especially considering there was a an ‘earthquake’ in progress? And of course there is nothign even remotely to do with UFO’s etc, however this person has always associated this event with another event, a dream. In this dream:

a huge space ship lands and is surrounded by a mass of people, along with the dreamer ( a child at the time). Suddenly a doorway of the ship opens, and the mass of people as one fall to their knees- all except the child dreamer, who instead walks into the ship.

A dream, so what? Yes, but again this associated within the self of the experiencer with other later memories. Can you see the pattern?

These events are all remembered together, in a line so-to-speak- within the ‘consciousness of the individual, or their ‘brain’, these memories form a constellation- a ‘magnetic-center-of-gravity- so to say.

Now when this person was much much older they went back to research the first memory- the earth movements. They had lived in an area which indeed did have a history of earthquake activity- but within a ten year period either side of their own roughly pinpointed time of event there were no recordings of earth movement: and seismic stations were in operation there in this modern western city. The person was confirmed in their own belief that this event was something more than just a physical event- and according to records it was not a real physical event or if it was it was localised in the house of the experiencer.

However, with further research the person discovered, lurking in a government library an account of a Television news story of the right time for their won personal event. The news story covered a series of strange events which occurred one night in the experiencers city. There were a series of earth tremours, unrecorded by seismic equipment and at the same precise time several sightings of UFO’s flying over the area. Interestingly, the reports of earth tremours wereon the other side of the city from where the experiencer lived- there were no reports from her own area.

When this old report was discovered by the person involved there was a definite sensation of ‘completion’ ‘confirmation’- she said that “Of course it was about UFO’s!!! What else”.

The person who shared her story with me feels strongly that the whole event was somehow staged, so that the ‘treasure’ of the truth of her own experiences could be discovered much later on- and she also feels, due to other experiences, that she was not alone in being ‘contacted’ that night so many years ago.

This pattern- early events in a corelational field with later events…is definitely a part of the process. And easy to see why, perhaps- it provides a way of contact which provides confirmation of intimacy, “Yes We are the ones who were with you before”.

And the way that the whole process enfolds, leaves the discoveries and so on, to the individual- there is no coercion in that respect, although obviously ‘interference’ has occurred.

The person also shared with me other events which have corelates with the so-called ‘abduction’ phenomenon, however she has a completely different take on the subject than the usual mainstream approach, although she thinks Whitley Strieber is ‘getting there’, and then in the same breath condemns him for contaminating the culture with his own ‘half understood ramblings’ and his ensuing predictions, pronouncements and additions. Interesting also is that she shared the study of G. I. Gurdjieff’s teachings with him too.

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