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Posted by lahar9jhadav on September 16, 2012


Still secret pyramid in the Arctic yet to be discovered by intrepid researchers.
It has an intelligent, electric,
glass-metal skin which it uses to hide itself.

Ahhhh…the podcasts which focus on the ‘mysterious’ would be oh so boring without the ongoing hoaxes that they perpetrate wouldn’t they?  Without them it would be back to just selling soap.

Anyway, the ‘latest’ hoax is all about a ‘secret’ pyramid in Alaska which has been studied by the ‘secret government’ for decades.  It apparently is an ‘electrical’ generation device powerful enough to power the whole of Canada.  And of course it is such a crying shame, if not a crime against the good people of the US, that this ‘free energy’ device has been hidden away by the ‘military industrial complex.’

The existence of the pyramid might still be a ‘secret’ if it wasn’t for a television news broadcast from ‘channel 13 out of Anchorage’ in 1992, which had a segment concerning the ‘discovery’ by ‘geologists’ and other ‘scientists’ of an underground Pyramid many times the size of Cheops.  The discovery was made due to a scheduled Chinese underground nuclear test and the decision by these scientists to set up a whole bunch of equipment and use the seismic information to ‘map’ a certain area in Alaska.  And voila! Serendipitously they discovered the said underground pyramid.  The reason we lucky people in 2012 know about this is only because a retired military person was in Alaska at the same time as the broadcast and saw it (along with all his buddies at his base).  He waited for 20 years and then told Linda Moulton Howe, erstwhile reporter of the Daily Mail, I mean Earthfiles.com website.  The military person said he went to the TV station the day after the report to tray and get a copy of the news segment but was told by the station manager that there was never such a report.  Bingo!  The ‘secret’ government had squashed the report and threatened the station with some sort of reprisal.  But, just as the military guy was leaving the station a technician psssssed him over and he told the military guy that the report had been shown.  Bingo! (again) – it was all real…if the government had censored the information it must be important!

“And the story was about geologists around the world had been informed through the U. N. because China had told the U. N. they were going to do this. And so these geologists got together and said let’s get the best recordings of the Earth’s crust and mantle using the vibrations from this explosion. What the geologists said they found in this byline news story (Anchorage TV Channel 13)  was that under Alaska, they found a pyramid bigger than the one in Egypt. They said they did not know if it were solid or hollow. They could not tell that, but they had the distinct outline of a pyramid.

“I went the next day to the TV station and asked if I could get a copy of that story. And I was talking to the general manager asking for it.

“And he said, ‘What story? We didn’t run no story about no pyramid.’

“And I was like, ‘Sure you did. (laughs) There were 40 of us guys and they are watching on TV.’ But he denied the story ever running! And I was just perplexed. Knowing what I know, I thought to myself, ‘This guy has been got to. He’s covering.’ I mean, it’s the only thing that could be.

“So, I was walking out and there was a technician standing there staring at me. And the way he acted was like, ‘Come here!’

“And I walked over and said, ‘Can you help me with this?’

“He goes, ‘Man, we ran that, but I can’t get it for you. It’s gone. I can’t help you, but it ran.’

– Douglas A. Mutschler, Chief Warrant Officer, U. S. Army Counterintelligence


But wait, there’s more!

Erstwhile reporter Linda Moulton Howe got confirmatory emails from other ‘witnesses’!  One told the story of his father who had actually worked, under top secret clearances, at the pyramid site!  He even revealed the ‘secret’ name of the ‘secret’ pyramid. It was called, The Dark Pyramid.

“I don’t know how much help this will be, but it really made me wonder. When I heard your story about a pyramid underground in Alaska on C2C, I was shocked to say the least! I was instantly reminded of the stories my Father told me. He was a WW2 Navy Veteran ‘Sea Bees’ now called the Navy Seals. He often talked about Pearl Harbor, Europe and his time in Japan. But what always fascinated me were the tales of his time in Alaska from 1959 through 1961.

After the war he earned a degree in electrical engineering and physics. After finishing college, my father was ‘re-recruited’ by the military to join a group of other experts to study and work at an underground structure in Alaska that in his words they called the ‘Dark Pyramid.’ He spoke numerous times of how seriously the government took this project and the steps they took to keep it a secret. (I always assumed it was a military installation.) He said it was a study of energy distribution. He went on to be the key leader of the ‘information Bubble’ for AT&T which of course was the pre-curser to the web and cell phone technology we all know today.

In his later years, he would always complain when receiving his electric bill that it would be FREE if we knew the truth. Now I’m starting to think he knew a whole lot more than we ever gave him credit for. I am in the process of going through his old papers and studies to see if there is any reference to his time in Alaska. There may be no information since as he said it was ‘Confidential.’ If this Pyramid allegedly found in 1992 is true, our Gov. may have known about it far earlier than that and had taken extensive measures to keep it hidden.” – July 27, 2012 email to Earthfiles


But wait, there’s more!

Erstwhile reporter Howe received more information through emails from more military people!  One had done much ‘research’ on the subject and had a gmap of the actual location of the Pyramid.

“This location is near the western boundary of the Danali National Park; @ 150mi west of Talkeetna, the nearest large settlement; and some 230 mi from both Anchorage and Fairbanks.” – Retired U. S. Navy Captain


But wait, there’s more!

Another son got in touch with intrepid reporter Linda Moulton Howe with a story about his father who was taken on a ‘secret mission’ to the Dark Pyramid, inadvertently because he met up with a bunch of crew who were flying a USAF helicopter to the ‘secret pyramid’ installation on a ‘delivery’ (of ‘three beautifully machined and heavy metallic cases’)  and they took a liking to him (the father) and offered him a seat, even though it’s all top secret.  Anyway the father goes on a ride and returns and then tells his son all the juicy details, some of which were that the ‘copter’s instruments all went haywire as they got near the ‘installation’ as expected, and that there were lots of very serious, armed, black suited military types when they got to the installation.  At the installation there was nothing to be seen except some mining elevator gantries…

Wow! It must be ‘true’!

And the web is buzzing, well buzzing in terms of the people who love this sort of stuff. If you websearch it you will find all sorts of forums with people discussing the ramifications of it all, the dastardly government secrecy, and various bits and pieces concerning Nicola Tesla and so on.

And of course erstwhile reporter Linda Moulton Howe is busy doing various podcasts about her momentous discovery, including Whitley Strieber’s (where he tries to fool his listeners into believing that his show is the only one where you’ll hear this information. Does he really think that his audience is that stupid!  That’s a rhetorical question, of course he does and they are) .

So thank you to Linda and the hoaxers, for enabling the podcasters, for a while at least, to be able to refrain from having to sell soap through their entire podcast instead of just two thirds of it.


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