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Merry Christmas child killers

Posted by lahar9jhadav on December 20, 2011

Christ Mass.

This is such a wonderful time of year!

It’s when the Spawn of Satan come out in mass and revel in their uncompromising bastardry without masks.  It’s HOG HEAVEN.  If only it coincided with Pig Hunting Season – I’d be the first out there with my shiny shovel (available at KKKMart 10% off).

You celebrate the Birth of Christ by pouring every last coin you have into the bank accounts of the handful of demigod scumfucks who rule the world, elsewhere kindly referred to as the military-industrial complex. Yeah they own the media and the toy shops too you morons.

Yeah, fill the coffers all the way to hell of the  mass murdering, starvation mongering, planet killing global elite.  And then spend the next year pissing and moaning about the 1%.  Morons.

Over the coming ‘Season of Good Will’ you will see on your hypno-screens a never ending parade of Satan Spawn spitting out their platitudes and lies whilst in the background they plan for the coming new year’s Mass-Murder Theft and Betrayal.  You will be lulled into a new sense of complacency as the Representatives of Hell perform their consummate act before you. You will feel that perhaps maybe they, after all, have Good Intentions and aren’t so evil after all.  And all the while you will be receiving the ‘message’ from the hypno-screen, “Sleep, spend, sleep, spend, sleep, spend, sleep….sleep….sleep….”

The absolute same murderers of Christ, who hammered in the nails, stuck in the spear and laughed all the way to the bank, are here now (where else have they got to go?), using their ‘handiwork’ to subsume whatever intelligence and consciousness you have managed to maintain in front of the never-ending attack of their jackbooted  stormtroopers against your body mind and soul.

Every end-of-year they make you bend over and thank them for their Parade of Evil – and of course make you pay, once again, for the privilege of their rape. Then the hand of time is turned back, all is forgotten and a New Year is begun….

son of man

Son of Man….dig?









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